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  1. And those same odds apply to being able to get a discounted retail PC copy on EBay or online. That's how I got Skyrim for $30 off 2 weeks after launch... It wasn't even a used copy so I can feel good that I properly supported the developer.
  2. not many pc games sold on ebay in america boss. I don't know bout Europe or where pirates are more common than water.
  3. Sounds like an overall draw for cost of games, which was the point. You can get discount prices in a variety of ways for both PC and consoles.
  4. Steam has games $10 cheaper than consoles at release. But the special sales cant be considered an advantage. You can never be sure you'll get your game for $5. Amazon has just as good specials on console games as well. But there are no guarantees on what titles show up.
  5. Some games are $10 cheaper at launch on Steam, but not all, and the inability to resell Steam purchases makes the price comparison vs console games a wash overall.
  6. I'm pretty sure all PC games sell for $10 cheaper than consoles, Steam or otherwise. That is the price difference I'm talking about. It's true the lack of easy resale-ability on PC should be a CON.
  7. Borderlands 2 PS3/360: RRP £49.99, Play.com £39.99
    Borderlands 2 PC: RRP £39.99, Play.com £26.89

    Darksiders 2 PS3/360: RRP £49.99, Play.com £37.89
    Darksiders 2 PC: RRP £39.99, Play.com £29.99

    PC games are always £10 or so cheaper on release.
  8. There are plenty of $59.99 list price games on Steam right now. Skyrim was definitely $59.99 on PC at launch, and Steam lists Borderlands 2 as being $59.99 when it launches in September (you get a 3 cent price break on Amazon...$59.96 currently), and COD: Black Ops II as $59.99 for November.

    And I certainly had to pay $59.99 for Diablo III when it was released. I think the trend for desktop is for flagship material to be priced the same as consoles at launch, and second tier titles to retain the $49.99 price.
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  10. Hey, don't knock the dumpster. Professor Toilet's scat slave thread is one of the most viewed threads on this site.
  11. We pay stupidly inflated prices here which are currently being investigated by the government, Skyrim was $89 on steam and between $73 and $100 in shops. I found it online, retail box from a local PC hardware shop for $54 so snapped it up. It makes sense that buying retail online isn't as big in the US. You guys have fair prices already and until recently, no overly restrictive download limits from your ISP.
  12. Yeah but South America has it worse :D we really got it good here in the US, I guess the only other country where retail prices are reasonable is Japan. It's only inflated a little bit there, per my very limited experience. Given a slightly better US economy ofc lol...
  13. I remember back in the days of DVD's that totally wasn't the case. Converted, Japanese DVD's ended being ~$40
  14. well yeah I guess, might still be that way. but CDs were never expensive (in Japan, mainly OSTs) and the few Japanese video games I'd looked at were only at a 33% or so premium (with import fees... I think). Back in the day when the dollar was strong (and the yen weak) that wasn't quite as bad as the other countries got it. But I do recall the DVDs being astronomical in price. But you'd get so many plasicy toys! Some even came with sex devices :),
  15. Exactly. I got Oblivion and Condemned on Xbox a few years back for a total of £11.
  16. I got oblivion for free with a video card I bought a few years ago.
  17. Old games for cheap... wow. You can get games released within the last 6months for that kind of price on steam sales.
  18. 6 months is an eternity compared to the resale market. You can get 50% off copies within a couple of months of release and it's not a limited time price.
  19. Amazon is also a good way to play console games new. I bought a new game for $60. After playing and beating it in about 3 weeks sold it back for ~$43.
  20. I used to do this back in the original xbox/gamecube days. But that was when I had a ton of free time so I could just play the game for a long time in a short period. That free time has been long gone which is mostly why I've gone back to 100% pc gaming and never bothered to invest in any of the consoles. The Steam model works perfectly for me since my sorry ass never has to leave the house to buy the game and I can just load up on games and dlc during steam sales.

    I'll probably get an X360 after it's discontinued for cheap and get all of the Halo games. Basically what Chairman did with his gamecube investment.