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  1. She did until 4 weeks ago while doing Zumba she ended up dislocating her knee, she hopes to be off the crutches soon and back to it.

    Obviously exercise is bad for you.
  2. My first landlord died of a heart attack while jogging. True story about the perils of exercise.

    Also, the Pebble was cheaper than a Fitbit by a considerable margin and has everything but heart rate tracker.
  3. Got my 1 day left notice. If it goes another 24 hours that will be 4 days 16 hours total battery. Effectively 4 full days before charging. I'll run it down to shutdown tomorrow for science.

    Based on the Pebble forums it would seem I'm a power user getting too many vibrating notifications. I easily get several hundred from FB and Whatsapp chats.

    But I'm not going to cripple the features for more battery life. Also keeping the Goldeneye watch face.

  4. After 2.5 months, I've concluded this as the watch to get. It continues to have 4 days of battery with heavy use. That flexibility allows me to charge 90 minutes every few days or a quick 15 minutes while getting ready in the morning, to get through the day. An added bonus, because it looked like such a stupid toy, I don't care about it at all. In the last 2 months, I've drowned it outside of it's rating. Took it on a mud course, caked it in mud, dirt, and debris. Then purposely bashed it on rocks for the lulz. The thing took a beating and is still around, albeit scratched up and all.

    That kind of durability + battery life makes it the best smartwatch. But I'd now go a step further and say it's better than a regular watch due to the full smartwatch capabilities. The price is going to free fall with the next gen coming out. Certified slick <$60.
  5. My wife wants a smart watch. I ask her what she wants it to do and she has no idea. I know the first gen Apple watches have hit $200 on sale recently but I'm thinking this might be a better watch for her.
  6. I preordered the PT2, have the PT1, and its great for battery life.
  7. Owned a first gen Apple watch and would not recommend it. The poor battery life makes it useless. You will get tired of having to charge it all the time and it will end up in a drawer.

    It also doesn't have a killer ap that makes it a must have device. I just used mine to tell time and as a heart rate monitor when I go walking/jogging.

    Pebble is probably the way to go. Cheap enough that you won't care if something happens to it, has some smartwatch functionality, and it has multiple day battery life.
  8. The Apple Watch is the better and cooler piece of tech. The Pebble Time is the more muted but practical day to day watch.

    Keep in mind PT on iOS is gimped a bit. You get all incoming notifications, but canned and voice replies back won't work. It's a glorified notification light in a sense. You'll have to make due with dedicated Pebble apps.

    Also, the battery life is very dependent on notifications triggering vibration alerts. I average ~100 a day at low vibration which gives me 4.5 days battery consistently. I've seen claims that only a few notifications combined with shutting off weather app can get 10-14 days battery, but I'm skeptical.
  9. I'm so confused. Is the Pebble Time 2 out yet? Pebble only shows 4 watches on their website. Pebble 2 SE, Pebble 2 + Heart Rate, Pebble Round, and Pebble Time Steel. I don't see a Pebble Time 2 although the Pebble Time Steel looks like it could be a Time 2.
  10. Time 2 missed the ship date of late November. Might be out before Christmas. Not worth the $199 retail price, imo.

    Time - Color plastic
    Time Steel - Color steel
    Time 2 - Color steel + heart rate
  11. The wife keeps mentioning that she wants the heart rate monitor and the Pebble 2 is kinda ugly.
  12. Does she specifically want a Pebble or a color screen? I think this is the best looking budget smartwatch:

    I didn't bite because I've come to like the 4 physical buttons on the Pebble. You can shortcut them to quick launch what you want. The Huawei Fit you have to swipe through the touch menu.... ain't nobody got time for that.
  13. Pebble is in a weird situation. Their products popularity comes from its simplicity. They designed a product that offers core needs and nothing more. The problem is that in the tech industry you innovate or you die so where does Pebble go next?
  14. Looks like they're going the "die" route.
  15. To be honest they were never a legit business. All their products come pre-financed from Kickstarter. They never took the risk as a real company.

    On top of that if you check the sub-Reddit. There is a huge backlash because they took Kickstarter money and shipped product to Target, Walmart, and Amazon instead of KS backers. The prices at retail are also below KS prices.

    Basically they don't have the money to launch products and burned through the goodwill of people financing their operation.
  16. And they are trying mimic Fitbit now. My bet is their plan was to develop a popular brand name and then get bought out. I actually bought the Time for the wife and I kind of want one for myself. Always on watch face and 7 days battery life are the two things I like most.
  17. I love the product. It's pretty hard to go wrong with a pebble time. But their abuse of Kickstarter bugs me. They should've been getting bank loans after the first pebble.

    Anyway, if you do get one, upgrade to a more manly wristband.

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    I should buy one now because it looks like the prices are creeping up. I'm guessing the Time inventory is limited.