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  1. Looks like Peyton Manning is heading to the Broncos. Thoughts? Is he making a mistake? Is Denver making a mistake? Can Payton Mayning even play football anymore? What about Tebow!
  2. I think he can still play, but Denver fans should prepare to see Manning hit the deck and take some soft sacks when he feels the pressure. Whether it's really that smart for him to play again is another question, although he apparently passed all the physicals run by the various teams interested in him.

    There also seem to be some rumors that his center from Indy, Jeff Saturday, will also be signed by the Broncos.
  3. People in Colorado are diveded. Many will be pissed about Tebow not playing. Tebow is fun to watch but I don't think he will ever be a great profesional quarterback.
  4. Understandable considering the run they made last year, but I agree that he seems limited at QB. Maybe he should think about playing TE instead. If he can catch the ball, he seems big enough and fast enough to be similar to New England's Aaron Hernandez. They could still have him run some pro option plays here and there, regardless of which team he plays for. But TE is becoming more and more important in the NFL these days...
  5. Tebow is a great backup. I hate to say it, as a Christian, but as a primary qb he's only good enough. If Denver doesn't expect Manning to be a perennial MVP candidate (I think he might have 1 more left in him) if they didn't pay him 20 mil+ I think they got a good deal. My brother, a Bronco fan, says their looking at Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday as well. They'll be hella scary with those 3.
  6. 5 years for $96 million. Let the mile high pressure to win it all begin!
  7. 15m per base salary with the right to cash out if he gets injured permanently (basically injured at all...) it sounds like a fair deal to me. May seem like an overpayment even at 15m per but c'mon! He's Peyton Manning!! lol he'll recover that in jersey sales if nothing else gauranteed!
  8. How much was Indy paying him? I heard Tenn and Denver got in a bidding war and Dever won because they had the most cash.

    Which make me wonder why he's even playing. Why would someone risk a debilitating injury when they are already rich?
  9. Well I doubt they'd make a profit with him just based on merchandise. They still have the poster boy of jersey sales, Tim Tebow lol. I'm sure they'd be interested in just having him run their offense.
  10. Tim Tebow has been traded to the Jets, apparently. Kind of makes sense, as the originator of the "Wildcat" formation, Tony Sparano, is now offensive coordinator with NY. Tebow would allow them to throw more from the Wildcat, which would make it less predictable than what Sparano ran in Miami. I would expect a few wacky formations with both Tebow and Sanchez on the field at the same time too...
  11. Manning looked pretty good tonight. I expected an average performance but I think he's at 100%.
  12. Yeah, I watched the first half of that game out of curiosity and I didn't notice anything that looked too different from his form with the Colts. Certainly has the same accuracy.
  13. Sports Illustrated has put the Denver Broncos in their #1 spot in their power rankings. I’m not sure if I’d rank them above the Patriots just yet but I think they’ll have a chance to beat most any other team in the playoffs.
  14. Could very well be a Manning/Brady rematch at Mile High Stadium in the 2nd round of the playoffs...or possibly even an Eli/Peyton showdown in the Super Bowl !? You know the league would love to see that. I'm going to put forward a conspiracy theory per the playoff officiating right now. ;D
  15. I've heard the Eli Peyton theory. Perhaps we'll know more next week. The NFC East is still wide open.
  16. well for 1 he NEVER calls audibles. That was 95% of Peyton's game and he's not doing it in either game I'd watched!! Is it simply because Peyton is in his first year with the team so their just not comfortable letting him call the plays or is there some kind of rehab problem he'll need to clear up? I don't know but whoever the heck coaches the Broncos neads to know, this is NOT his team it's PEYTON'S team!! lolol
  17. He audibles but it doesn't seem nearly as cryptic as it used to be.

    On a side note I loved watching San Fran beat New England.
  18. lol it was IMPOSSIBLE the way it used to be lol but again he could do it cuz of his relationship with his receivers. Maybe he'll incorporate it more in the future, but until than I do NOT recognize him as 'MVP' Peyton :/ (Most Valuable Peyton??). I used to pity Colts rookie reciever/ running backs lol.
  19. I'm guessing most people thought he'd never throw another pass in the NFL but they put him in late in the game tonight and now it looks like he's the QB for the playoffs.
  20. The miracle of HGH.