Pillars of Eternity (Baldur's Gate 3)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by bfun, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. I'd never heard of this game until yesterday and now it's the highest rated PC game in the last two years.

    I guess old school is the new school.

  2. Weren't you the one that posted about Obsidian's kickstarter crowdfunding campaign back it the last forum? You were wondering if it was gonna be a new thing for development studios to crowdfund rather than seeking publishers or whatnot?
  3. Mmm sounds too deep for me. Maybe it was alterego.
  4. I've made comments about the ethical gray areas of Kickstarter funding, including games.
  5. And I may have made comments about how developers are slaves to their publishers overlords.
  6. Finished the game. I found the developers obsession for balance in a PvE world to be ridiculous. They are constantly nerfing things in the patches. It's not multiplayer so I don't get it. My main character got nerfed right before the end of the game with the big bosses Really? I just spent 40 hours building him up and you nerf him for the final boss fight? Awesome. I thought the story was good in the beginning but it got a little boring towards the end. Combat was also challenging in the beginning but boring in the end. Equipment and crafting was not very exciting. There is very little difference between the best equipment and just average equipment and the best stuff can probably be gotten early in the game.

  7. That seems like a shame; I liked how you could become really overpowered in BG2. That was a big part of the appeal to me.
  8. That was part of my disappointment. They try so hard to balance the game that it never gets exciting. No amazing armor or weapons. No super powerful spells to work towards. Here is a list of changes meant to add more balance to the game in the last patch. Again this is a single player games. Who really cares if their fan of flame spell is 25% too powerful.

  9. Mixed reaction to that...it got such rave reviews online that I'm a bit surprised, but I also remember that I found Baldur's Gate: Icewind Dale to be a bit tedious later in the game and never finished it.