Playstation 3 online chat using Skype

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by chi, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Do you guys think it's worth trying Skype out for communications when playing PS3 online?
    That way, the game doesn't have to handle the extra data and this could mean less lag.

    It would also mean I would be able to hear what grim says, which may be a plus point, maybe not.

    I have read that skype is a bit heavy on bandwidth, so I dunno.

    any thoughts grim?
  2. I've never used skype so haves no idea.
  3. It's VOIP and you can have group voice chats. I don't think you can initiate a multi contact call with the ipod app but you can definitely join one if you're invited.
  4. So I could use my iPhone to do it? Perhaps grim can let us know about bandwidth. Could I use skype on 3G BTW?
  5. I believe so, there was rumour of Skype charging for calls over 3g back in 2009/10 but they've dropped that now.

    So, you get free Skype to Skype calls over 3g, plus you can multitask on your iphone whilst staying in a call. basically, the only person that needs to use their precious internet bandwidth is grim... Ah...
  6. The skype chat was pretty successful, I thought. I could actually hear monsly when playing LBP and the voice quality was pretty good. Couldn't really see if the game lagged less because we spent most of the time in monsly's pod, trying to cajole grim into joining the chat. but he quit. Like a quitter.
  7. Its not really going to help for me, I already have no bandwidth available to give to PSN so I will have to give more of that none to Skype.

    I have chased VM today but the guy I was dealing with in the CEO team who said he would get back to me early this week has an out of office rely on saying he is out till tomorrow. As bad as the rest of them it seems!
  8. Are you guys using Skype on pc?
    If so, disable uPnP and uncheck 'use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections'.

    This makes sure you wont get used as a 'supernode', which heavily reduces CPU cycles and network bandwith.
    Ive bin using skype for 4 and a half years now, its a pretty solid program but you need a pretty decent internet connection. And remember its origin is from Sweden so expect some strange freezes and crashes here and there.
  9. We were using the ipod/iphone apps. I don't think they supernode those.
  10. No that wouldnt be really called a supernode then :D
  11. I was on 3G so my VM connection was more free than ever.
  12. I am NOT using my 3G data to talk to you guys, that could end up costing me monies and you are just not worth it.
  13. Don't you get an allowance?
  14. Yes I do but I find the counters are useless at actually telling you how much you have used and I am not paying £5 for an extra 500MB just to talk to you losers.
  15. Well try skype on wifi then, it'll probably be better quality than PSN.
  16. What kind of deal you on? I get unlimited Internet, loads of minutes and texts for £20.
  17. Who are you with? Unlimited internet doesn't mean 'unlimited' its a term use. For example Orange sell you a package with 'unlimited internet' but if you read the small print that means 750MB/month!

    O2 DID truly unlimited internet if you had an iPhone but stopped. If you change your contract in any way (including upgrading your phone) you will be moved to the new unlimited internet which means 1GB/month. Mrs Grim has truly unlimited internets on her 3GS and thats why we haven't bothered upgrading.
  18. I'm in the same contract as Mrs Grim. I laugh at your tariffs. LAUGH.
  19. Use mrs grim's phone then. LOL