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    It looks like it will be the premier choice of controller for playing Untitled Goose Game.
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    This is hilarious conclusion jumping here.
  3. I quite like it actually. Would probably look better in black though. Hoping its an all white console and no two tone like the controller.

  4. The more I've thought about it, the more I think at least the "V" cutout could land in the final design if they found good results with that intake/ outtake design with the vents. Now that I've seen the color scheme of the controller, it's easier to envision a two-tone design with those vents. It's probably going to get razzed hard for looking like a toilet seat if it's white like the controller, though.
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    Unreal Engine 5, RDNA 2, no ray tracing. Almost looks real.

  6. The demo turned out really well for Sony, and Epic's Tim Sweeney was unusually effusive in his praise of the PS5, giving high praise to the SSD and throughput in particular but also gushing about the GPU power.

    It's one thing for Sony representatives and developers to talk up their own hardware, but it's much more impactful to have such a powerful and influential company like Epic singing its praises like this. A ton of next gen games are probably going to be running on UE5 within a couple of years.

    I'm very curious to see a PS5 game running on Sony's Decima engine, which is the engine for Killzone Shadow Fall, Horizon, and Death Stranding. Just about every Decima game released tends to be one of the best looking games on the platform at the time. Killzone Shadow Fall was probably the best looking PS4 launch game and still looks pretty decent even now.
  7. I wonder if this SSD stuff has something to it; I’ve mainly seen others being dismissive of it, saying it’s just hype on a few forums but they are MS-centric
  8. @monsly If you watch the Unreal Engine 5 demo, that flying sequence towards the end of demo isn't happening with that very high level of detail without an extremely fast SSD.
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    The final design has been released. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally. I noticed two large rows of vents for cooling lining the white "plates." I think the digital only version is more aesthetically pleasing and will probably be cheaper, but I'd definitely still want the 4K Blu-ray drive.

    The lineup of games contained some monsters, particularly Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon: Forbidden West. The new Ratchet and Clank game definitely looks like it's flexing the SSD/ I/O capabilities warping around through dimensions and obvious ray tracing FX. I suspect the new Spider-man game starring Miles Morales will be a smaller scale but still high quality and great looking game like Uncharted: Last Legacy or the Infamous: First Light expansion of Infamous: Second Son considering Spider-man on PS4 came out only a couple of years ago and Insomniac is also releasing a full Ratchet and Clank sequel. The Demon's Souls remake looked great, although I wish they showed more footage of it. Some of the new IPs and indie games looked pretty good, although a few indies probably shouldn't have been included in this presentation. No price revealed yet.
  10. I love how the controllers look. I have mixed feeling about the console. It looks like a water logged book that warped when it dried out.
  11. It's flared out at the top like that because it's covered with vents for cooling that potentially molten hot GPU.

    I think it's interesting everything matches the current generation PSVR headset. And it's getting an Astro Bot game. And they've constantly emphasized "immersion." And 3D audio noting it was previously used with PSVR. I'm getting some subtle vibes and hints that they may have PSVR2 in the works.

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  12. lol I thought it looked like a PS2 slim wrapped in a 3 ring binder. I'm a big fan of Matte Black Every Thing™.
  13. I would have rather it wasn't white but we knew it was coming from the controller reveal.

    I will be getting the disk based version as if the back compat does work, I have about 70 PS4 games on Blu Ray so still need the drive. I have migrated more towards digital games now, but games I never finished like the outer worlds because of all the loading on PS4 should be good when we get those SSD speeds so I need the drive.

    Most interested in Demon's Souls, Horizon and RE8 from the lot that we saw.
  14. I'm torn between the disc and digital version. If it's just BC with PS4, most of the games I'd return to are digital already. If it goes back to PS3/PS2 then I might have to get the disc version.

    I do prefer the look of the digital version though.
  15. Both of Insomniac's upcoming PS5 games (Spider-man: Miles Morales and Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart) have been confirmed to have 60 fps performance modes. Spidey: Miles will be available at the time of the PS5's launch, and Ratchet is going to be released within the "launch window" whatever span of time that is. Insomniac has been on fire and has been as productive as two elite developers much of the time producing a high quality PS4 game that is often a nominee for Best Graphics and sometimes even Game of the Year every couple of years.
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    The official prices are $399 Digital and $499 w/ disc drive. Pre-orders went up and I spent an inordinate amount of time spamming Checkout and Refresh buttons to come away empty handed and quite tired.

  17. I wouldn't worry about it until the system comes out with a game you actually want
  19. $100 off might get a lot of people to ditch discs this generation. It will be interesting to see what happens.
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    They're probably losing a decent chunk of money on the Digital Edition but will have customers locked into buying games on the PlayStation Store, which will probably earn them a ton of extra cash compared to physical copy sales.