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  1. Yeah that and wait on slim or pro version that will inevitably come and smooth out whatever issues it’s going to have.

    The spouse is a Sony fan so I’m looking to see how it does VR space games like Elite Dangerous (played a bunch on the PS4 and would play more if it was the game I want it to be, which is probably No Mans Sky set in Elites universe with Elites combat). But that’s what I want, VR space sim on my couch.

    Pretty sure we going diskless. I almost put dickless for grins. But we buy most of our stuff digital anyways. It’s kind of pointless to have more furniture dedicated to store physical copies of games. And $100 is $100.

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    It's always best to be patient with consoles and wait for the mid cycle redesigns. After the Xbox 360 RROD fiasco I don't think I would ever buy another launch console.
  3. Managed to get a couple of preorders in for the disc version.

    I'm not too worried about stuff like the rrod. That's pretty old news now. My launch day PS4 still works perfectly.
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    This is what I've really been waiting to see. English subtitles are available. They weren't kidding about the measures taken regarding cooling and noise reduction. The entire back of the thing is an exhaust port. The rumors about using liquid metal were true, and that is a monstrous heat sink.
  5. That heatsink is ridiculous big. Actually, the whole console is bigger than I first thought.
  6. Missed buying one yet again. I was in the checkout trying to put in my CVV code for my credit card while a loading symbol spun for 5 minutes then told me they were out of stock again. Every single time I have not made it out of checkout.
  7. What are you buying it to play? I'm not really seeing any interesting games coming out on either console in the near future.
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    Demon's Souls would be the biggest draw for me. The Spider-man games should also be pretty solid. It also runs the PS4 games I've been playing substantially better.

    Most of the first party games that were 30 fps or mostly 30 fps pretty much lock to 60 fps on PS5.
  9. The reportedly huge Target restock happened during one of my appointments.

    Jan 19 - 1:38 PM EST Target : Console Out of Stock
    Jan 19 - 1:37 PM EST Target : Console In Stock

    Jan 19 - 1:31 PM EST Target : Console Digital Edition Out of Stock
    Jan 19 - 1:30 PM EST Target : Console Digital Edition In Stock

    Each version was apparently available for approximately 1 minute or less.
  10. Same thing is happening in the UK, not sure if scalpers are as big a problem in the US but here they are making life hell for a lot of people.
  11. Scalpers are trying to sell PS5s for 2x to 3x the retail value here.
  12. Scalping has gone nuts this generation. All the latest tech is getting sucked up.
  13. I think there are some MPs trying to push for legislation on scalping high value tech, not sure if it will get anywhere, especially with the capitalist Tories in charge.

  14. The PS5 version of the new CoD fared pretty well compared to a decently equipped PC, better than I would have expected.

    Wal-Mart is dropping PS5s at 3pm EST. I figured I might as well inform you guys so you can tell me about how you managed to get one of each SKU after I come up emptyhanded yet again.
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    Anyone else into 9'6" vampire babes? I think I am now.

    I've watched the RE VIII demo a few times at 4K/ HDR that runs at a fairly stable 60 fps with incredible detail, and it is a visual marvel, but most of the attention seems to be focused on one particularly enormous villain who views you as a meal. The rumors that Capcom was struggling to get this game to run at 1080p/ 30 fps on PS5 seem rather questionable considering how good this already looks. I'm sure the more open areas can't possibly be this detailed and smooth, but even so this game looks incredible. This is the most persuasive example yet that Capcom's RE Engine is one of the most graphically impressive third party game engines.
  16. If I can be bothered to download the demo and take a look I will let you know how it runs. Chi was talking about the demo being out last week so he may have already done so, but he isn't the most helpful of people as I am sure you already know, so will probably keep the info from you out of spite.
  17. If you get a chance to try that demo with good headphones, that would be interesting info. Most previews/ reviews are completely incompetent when it comes to audio and rarely even mention it. I've read comments suggesting that the audio is quite good, but that isn't going to translate in videos online.
  18. I think I've finally landed a PS5 via one of GameStop's overpriced bundles. At least the extra cost is going to two games and a controller instead of some little scalper shit and his army of bots.
  19. I've spent a decent amount of the weekend trying several games out on the PS5, although I'd note the majority were updated PS4 games. Pretty much any PS4 games that allow at least 60 fps are locked to 60 almost all the time. Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, and Days Gone are all fantastic at 60 fps. I had never actually played Monster Hunter before other than an old demo, but I downloaded it from the PS+ Collection free to PS5 owners and it looked like it was producing pretty stable 60 fps even with the Resolution mode. I really hope Horizon: ZD and Death Stranding get updates similar to these aforementioned games.

    Moving onto PS5 games, the main game I've played so far is Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and after starting in the 60 fps RT mode with temporal injection, I may never swap that setting. This is really what this machine needs to be targeting and what I truly hope becomes the norm when AMD's Fidelity FX Super Resolution becomes available assuming it is decent (my personal speculation is that its quality will be above DLSS 1.0 but below DLSS 2.0 initially). Even the "light" ray tracing effects look quite good such as reflections on the floor indoors. Control takes the heavy RT or 60 fps approach, and it's a less enjoyable experience than on PC with DLSS. The PS5 version needs to implement some sort of reconstruction or Fidelity FX Super Resolution to push this much ray tracing. I haven't tried the Call of Duty game yet and frankly wouldn't have even bought it had it not been attached with that bundle to get the PS5. I will tinker with it later to see if I can get the 120 fps mode working. Astro Bot is more of a tech demo for haptic feedback with the controller, yet it is a very enjoyable and fun experience even so.

    4K Blu-ray feedback isn't something I can say much about because an firmware update of my TV rather than the PS5 is at fault for limiting it to 1080p. Vizio software strikes again. Hopefully they fix this soon.

    It is a quite large console I expect to see get a Slim version eventually to cut costs. It didn't feel as heavy as I expected. The stand kind of sucks. It can be pushed out of place fairly easily when horizontal, and I am concerned eventually my cat could damage it given he's a 10-lb. wrecking ball for expensive electronics. The disc drive is initially louder than I expected when it is installing a game from disc, but I didn't hear it often after that. The UI is not something I'm typically all that focused on unless it's so irritating that it is actually hard to use to (see Amazon Prime Video), but I have to say the PS5's user interface is pretty quick and fairly easy to use. The very quick SDD was quite noticeable. Outright eliminating load times was definitely an exaggeration, but on the other hand it's shockingly fast in Spider-man with only a few seconds of loading for various functions. You can boot up and be swinging around in a detailed open world environment within seconds rather than minutes. My initial impression is that it is a fairly powerful machine. It was only the heavy brute force ray tracing in Control that slowed it down. Light ray tracing with reconstruction in Spidey: Miles, which is a more sensible target, was pretty much locked at 60 fps. The huge boost in CPU power definitely seems to have benefited the frame rate. I think every game I have played so far has a 60 fps mode. This wouldn't have even been possible in many PS4 games; no way was PS4 or even PS4 Pro's CPU up to the task for a frame rate mode in a game like Destiny 2 with a large environment flooded with enemies, a fireteam of players, and tons of particles and explosions. The PS+ Collection is quite a deal, especially for players who were on a different platform previously and haven't played most of those games. The controller is a clear improvement over Dual Shock, especially the haptic feedback. Audio was very solid, but I don't think I've heard enough of the right games yet to fully gauge it. I've read Demon's Souls has the most impressive audio of PS5 games. I'm sure the RE VIII demo and Call of Duty are up there; I'll try them later.
  20. I really didn't enjoy Spider Man: Mile Morales, I ended up just finishing it because I had it. I started off in performance mode but migrated to performance RT which did make reflections really nice.