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  1. We still have to put up with Monsly in our sessions. He says he just reads the forum now, I think we're below him.
  2. Does chi still make lets plays? This might be the year I start playing on PSN again. Black Friday leaks show $200 PS4 slims.
  3. What let's plays?
  4. I'm sure I never see you three online anymore. Maybe its just me? Tell Monsly hes a Lurker wanker.


  5. I am on a lot at the minute as I am sinking all of my free time into FFXII.

    Monsly always stays in hidden mode so doesn't show up because he's one of those paranoid conspiracy theorists.

    EDIT: I just sent him your message.
  6. Tell him to stop being a weirdo and start posting here again.

    How you doing on FFXII? Platinum'd it myself took a while. Game was so much better this time around than the PS2 version. The speed thing could have been to do with that.

    Still need to get Persona 5...
  7. He just replied and said you're king of the wankers :eek:

    I didn't mind it originally so it's the same for me. Refuse to use speed, lose half the game time and this value from the game.
  8. It took me 80 hours with 2x or 4x speed to platinum it. Good luck! :D
  9. Anyone else played or heard of Fortnite? Its a free game and mode on PS4 which basically mixes the main games building and shooting mechanics with PUBG's battle royale mode and its really addictive. Would be nice to get the whole crew on some 4 man squad games sometime maybe, itsutter fun. Supposedly the main game itself is going free to play next year but the battle mode is the most popular mode.

  10. I tried PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds briefly and it seems like the same type of game. The concept is great. Not sure about the execution.
  11. PUBG is the original for that type of game but it is still unfinished and stuff. It looks and and plays more realistic but Fortnite is much more fun, games arnt as drawn out and has better gameplay plus it's free. The building aspect in gun fights is hella fun.

  12. I didn't like what little I played of Fortnite, but at the time it was very rough and obscenely laggy. A friend of mine loves PUBG, but it looks like it needs a lot of work to me. Optimization looks pretty bad so far.
  13. I actually got into Fortnite because of PUBG. I was watching videos and really wanted to play it but being on PC and Xbox I couldn't then I came across Fortnite. If it ever came to PS4(Its a possibility) I might get it unless its still unfinished. The Xbox version has only just come out and its very popular but it was released buggy and unfinished and stuff but it has potential. The new desert map is pretty sweet as well.

    Fortnite has changed a lot since then its not rough or laggy its quite a smooth experience. It can get laggy for a little bit on big update days though for some reason. Worth picking up again.
  14. PUBG took the record of most concurrent players in a Steam game beating CS:GO, League of Legends, and even DOTA. I hadn't even heard of it until a few weeks ago. Apparently Valve doesn't like getting beat on their own platform so they have some kind of CS:GO Hunger Game mod in the works.
  15. The game didn't go final until a few days ago. It didn't really get a marketing campaign since it's not attached to any big publisher... well, until recently when Microsoft picked up the publishing rights for it on console.

    Unless you watch a lot of streamers or follow the battle royale genre, you really wouldn't know about this game. If anything, the popularity of this game being picked up by streamers was the marketing campaign for this game.
  16. PUBG has been in early access for PC for quite a while now. The Xbox version was released buggy and without the new map and weapons too.

    Khaid is right, I heard about PUBG via IGN then was watching streams, which then in turn got me watching Fortnite streams which made my download the game. I still watch Fortnite streams to learn from the pro's. Battle Royale type games are really fun for pick up and play multiplayer.

    Got a final kill and my first ever Fortnite mode win tonight in the 50vs50 mode. Game after we won too and I had a chance for the final kill again but fluffed it. I am still after my first 100vsE solo mode win though, which is the mode I play the most. 5th has been my highest place so far and I still suck at gunfights while ive gotten used to building much faster.
  17. PSplus free games for September are God Of War 3 remastered and Destiny 2. Destiny 2 is available to download right now. Created a clan for another forum and for friends so if anyone wants to join it for quests/strikes/raiding create a bungienet account on the website/ingame and tell me your username and ill send an invite
  18. November 2018's PSplus games(Which are out now) are Yakuza Kiwami and Bulletstorm.
  19. Grim. Get psplus and edf5. PlayStation Wednesdays.