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  1. Hardly played my PS4 this last week as I bought myself a Switch and Zelda. Usually have an hour on Fortnite a day to keep up on my battle pass grinding.

    Modern Warfare Remastered multiplayer is tempting though.
  2. I didn’t enjoy MW much after going back into the remaster at Xmas. For one, the patriarchal narrative and white-saviour sub-text was off putting. I was also shir at it and hardly anyone was playing too.
  3. I got my first taste of VR last night. That technology is more substantial than I expected. I did have the motion sickness issue with games that involved walking in first person, but I had no hint of that with platformer oriented games like Moss or Astro Bot. I also watched Alita: Battle Angel on 3D Blu-ray, the only way I have to watch this disc in 3D given none of the new OLEDs and the older model I have support 3D, and found it to be impressive.

    I have to admit the quality of the top tier PSVR games was above what I expected, particular the platforming-oriented games. The animation of the mouse character in Moss was stunning, and the demo was a delight to play throughout. What I've played of Astro Bot was actually up to the caliber of a 3D Mario game, something I don't think I've ever found before outside of Nintendo's actual Mario games. I see why it is almost universally considered to be the best PSVR game.

    I don't have Move or Aim controllers and stuck to the couch to avoid damaging anything or injuring myself or the cat. The cat made enough confused/ concerned noises just from observing my stationary VR gaming activities. I started RE7 but unfortunately had the most problems with motion sickness of any of the games I tried. Hopefully my brain adjusts to it because I have been looking forward to playing through it in VR. I've never had any issues with car sickness or sea sickness in the past, so I was hoping this wouldn't be an issue for me.
  4. I tried the PSVR version of Skyrim VR last night. The scale is truly amazing even if the animations and wonky combat looks pretty dated now. Just the opening sequence of being taken from the woods into a town as a prisoner to be executed was pretty mesmerizing. The trees and castle walls of the town looked enormous, and the dragon that swoops down above me and starts destroying the town looked quite menacing. The only problem was the accursed motion sickness got me again after about 20m or so. I think the little quick turns in increments may help a bit, but running forward in first person was still an issue. It seems like seeing my character in traversing a 3D environment while my real body remains in in a static position is causing problems for me. The combat didn't seem to bother me at all. It was mainly running around in the first person perspective that got me queasy again.
  5. I might pick up the PSVR if I ever find a used one. Motion sickness is a big issue for me as well. I usually do fine in low motion games. I tried beats saber on a Oculous Rift a while ago and it was a lot of fun. I didn't get sick but I did feel disoriented when coming back to the real world. Watching movies if fine but I suppose I have to limit gaming to about 20 minutes. I'd love to try Skyrim but it'd be waste to invest in it if I can't last long.
  6. I've used the Oculus Rift and PSVR and both made me feel motion sick after a few moments. It's part of why I've been hesitant to get a VR headset.
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    I've read Skyrim VR is one of the most challenging in terms of motion sickness and not a great idea for someone new to VR. Most people have said they were bothered less and less by the motion sickness issue over time. I guess the key is to stop as soon as you begin to feel any symptoms and take a break for awhile until you become used to VR. There are some VR games like Moss on PSN that seem to have almost no risk of causing it. It's only a certain type of motion, mostly first person and cockpit views.

    I think Sony is going to continue to build up their VR presence with PS5. They very directly clarified that the current PSVR headset will be compatible with PS5 well before they've even shown the PS5. They also said VR is "part of our plan" in the future heading towards the PS5 launch.
  8. I'm impressed with the stuff I've seen created in Dreams.

    I believe they're going to update it to take advantage of PSVR and PS5, which should really look amazing.
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    Playstation Now seems like it's actually worth a try now. You can download PS4 games to ensure connection quality doesn't ruin the experience. I also hadn't realized the price had dropped so drastically from $100 to $60 per year. I'll give the PC app a try soon.

    EDIT: I tried The Last of Us (PS3) and Horizon via the PC app. I didn't have any problems with these games. The visuals of Horizon were definitely not what I was used to with Pro spec, but I also wasn't expecting that via streaming it. It looked like it was probably running Horizon at base PS4 level or slightly below but I had no interruptions, crashes, or significant problems. The Dualshock worked immediately just plugging it in via USB. It's definitely more than adequate if you just want to try a game out and see what it's like. It even gave me the opportunity to download my saves that were stored on PSN online.
  10. I have a 12 month subscription to PS Plus. I also had a 1 month reoccurring subscription. I cancelled the 1 month reoccurring subscription today but it looks like the two subscriptions overlapped for 1 month. How does that work out in the end? Did I lose 1 month or will I have 1 extra month?
  11. they should stack I think; have a look at your end date and see if it adds up

  12. The 12 month expires on 3/7/2021. I assume it was activated on 3/7/2020. The one month expires on 5/1/2021. So both subscriptions were/are running at the same time. Is there another end date somewhere?
  13. You Americans and your fucked up date formats. Want to move to metric time, mush.

    Isn’t that kind of stacked? Your 12 month runs from now until March 2021 and then your monthly sub runs out at the beginning of May in 2021. Maybe you had nearly 2 months of your monthly subscription so it’s stacked?
  14. Stacked? I suppose that's what it is. It just seems a little unusual that they would let that happen. It's not a big deal, but I guess I'd like to know if my final subscription date was extended. It doesn't seem like it was.
  15. Normally it gets added on I am sure, so if you had a sub to 31/05/21 and got another 2 months it would then go to 31/07/21. Chi is always buying more subs and adding them to the end of his agreement. You might want to contact Sony and demand they give your time back.

    Because I work in databases a lot I get used to seeing the stupid American time format.
  16. I'm currently subscribed till the end of the world

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  17. Any completed Final Fantasy 7 remake yet? Would like to know thoughts on the ending. Just got the platinum for it. Such a great remake.


  18. Long shot but any chance someone could help me get pure white character tendency by invading me tonorrow night and letting me kill you a few times in Demons Souls remake using a password?

    I killed all 5 black phantoms in pure black world tendency but it wasn't enough and no one is invading me normally in any of the world's to do it they way.

  19. Is the remake as brutal as the original with the crystal lizards with very limited respawns? I haven't been able to get my hands on a PS5 yet.
  20. They are still there but they took out the annoying grind trophys and replaced with some special boss related trophys this time around which makes it easier.