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  1. We're still chugging along with no improvement to skill or ability
  2. I like how Grim's bodyweight sank 2 helicopters... that's one more than the shark in Jaws 2 managed.
  3. He's been piling on the pounds since Covid started.
  4. Are these edited to highlight how much you guys suck? It's hard to believe you could be so bad at something you spend so much time on.
  5. I wish it was edited, monsly really is just that bad at games.

    We spend about 4-5 hours every Thursday with him bumbling his way through games. It's our weekly charity work.

  6. @supersonic You underestimate the time and effort we put into being this bad. It's almost an art form at this point.

    Monsly is definitely the Clarkson of the trio though.
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  7. LOL that was a pretty epic spree. Also, is one of the levels supposed to Magnum PI themed? That helicopter (and compound) at 5:24 is very 80's era Magnum-esq.
  8. That's a hard questions to answer because frankly, we have no clue what is even going on in the game. We keep kidnapping people and delivering them to some sort of torture/sex dungeon for a woman called Bowman but outside of that, no idea whatsoever.
  9. I played wildlands for a bit. you're basically just in bolivia helping the CIA.

  10. Some more expert play from our little trio.
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    We never learn

    But seriously, I'm impressed you guys are still able to coordinate stuff like this. Me and my friends haven't in about a decade after peaking in the Halo3 era.
  13. That is Monsly, now you see what we have to endure!

    We just set a time, 8pm on a Thursday, seems to work.