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    Okay. We need a thread up on this since A: It is Pokemon and B: It is out in the US and Europe in the next few weeks.

    We all know what to expect from the 5th generation of Pokemon, although the series is stepping it up a gear for Pokemon evolution. There are around 120 brand new Pokemon to find and collect as well as the old favourites. The graphics are a step up now as it is a bit more 3D and the Pokemon spirites in battle are now fully animated.

    There are two new battle mechanics now such as Triple Battles and Rotation Battles. No need to explain since you can guess what they involve. There is also a season change aspect much like the day and night feature, but much more cooler. The game will go through all the 4 different seasons through the game and this also means that with each different seasons, all the areas will look different and will house different Pokemon.


    Which of you are excited for this and will be getting it?

  2. I'm a Pokewhore, so I've already got a pre-order in, I'll be grabbing it on Sunday morning.
  3. Thank god. I did not think anyone was interested in this. I thought of you but you been MIA lately.

    What version are you getting? I am on the White bandwagon!
  4. I'm getting Black, the trainer levels in the exclusive city seem more valuable to me than the free items and Pokemon in the forest in White. We will have to trade some exclusives between each other!
  5. I don't know as I'll be emulating it since I sold my DS last year. I think there is an option of WIFi though so i'll check up on it to make sure. In the meantime I must finish heartGold.

    You seen any of the new Pokemon yet? Some of them seem quite cool.
  6. Just started my game on White. I would started a while ago but it took me a while to fix and get the rom working.

    Anyway, anyone else bought or started this yet? I will update with my thoughts on this game after I have played it a while.
  7. I'm playing black at the moment. Just beaten the first trainer, not much has changed really, since te originals. Glad the battles are a bit faster now.

    Apparently my game is in autumn. And I accidentally let my tepid evolve and now he looks like an ugly turd.
  8. You mean Tepig? Yeah his second one looks a bit lame, but his fully formed one is a bit better. Think a giant fire hog. The Green one looks cool through all three evolutions.

    Still no save fix. Bah!
  9. I've named him tepid. Just picked up a lightning zebra, I've named him bitchzle.

    Your save issues are odd, from what I've seen, the vanilla rom is working fine in flashcarts and such.
  10. I am using the PC emulator No$gba/No$zoomer and at the moment there is just a save problem. I have fixed the start up problem and the no EXP problem already. Save state does not work also.


    I managed to sort it out in the end and I have no problems whatsoever running it via this emulator. I am currently in the town with the first gym, but I was told by the Gym leader to go to the training place first. Hopefully it has some new Pokemon as out of the 6 seen so far I only like my Tepig and that cute looking dog. I am loving the new animations too.

    have you happened upon that Victini special thing yet? I have heard it is from a special event.
  11. Its a launch day download. You select mystery gift from the main menu and you can download a gift card through wifi.

    I've collected it off the ingame mail man but haven't gotten to the right place yet.
  12. It's a shame I don't have my NDS any more as I had every Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond, except ones like Mew, Mewtwo and some other Ubers from past games. That said, throughout the whole series I have collected everyone so if I feel like getting every Pokemon except ones catchable in this game, I may just download them onto my save file. So that is technically not cheating since I already captured those ones once before.

    How far have you got now and what is your team so far?
  13. I'm in pinwheel forest past the second gym, I've kinda focussed on a tepig, evolved once, spamsage and bitchzle, all around level 21-22.

    The otter three are a poodove, bogginrola and a petilil around level 15 but I don't really use them at the moment.

    Are we doing friend codes for this game or is there no point?
  14. Of course there is point, especially if Hawk gets this so you two can swap. It is a shame my emulator does not do Wifi at the moment.

    How strange, I have just done the second gym and I am about to go into that forest to get that skull back from those team Plasma goons. I also have Tepigs evolved form(Level 20) and also that electric zebra thing. I am also using that leaf monkey thing and that lillypup thing too.

    So far not any real amazing or hard looking Pokemon, so I hope that changes soon. I want that metal mole Pokemon, but I don't know what its first Evo form is.


    Here is a list of all the new Pokemon in Black and White. There a few decent ones but the rest is crap to me, and nothing as good as past generations. Guess i'll be making my dream team up from maybe a few of these and then the past ones.

  15. That victini is a bitch to catch, tried about 50 times. I really need a pokemon with a sleep attack

    Finally caught the bastard. I've called him pricktini to celebrate my success.
  16. The trouble I find with all the recent pokemon is that you can't tell which type they are just by looking at them anymore. In past games you could generally tell if a pokemon was water/grass/fire etc etc simply by how the loooked or what their name was, it's becoming much harder to do that I feel.

    p.s. i had a DS emulator a while back but it ran like ass. is it easy to sort out the problems you mentioned earlier? I fancy playing it but not if it involves loads of code working and file tweaking to make it work.
  17. Yeah it is very easy. You just get a patched rom version, and then use a AR code to fix it so the game loads. Simple.

    Then again, it has been a few days, a fully working patched rom may be out by now.
  18. Can you make it larger? I remember the emu I used last time was kinda small and the size couldn't be altered. Also is the version you have in english?
  19. Of course, I have the European version.(English) All I did to get Pokemon White to work was load up the ROM via no$gba/no$zoomer and instead of loading from the BIO's you have to load it via Start Cartridge directly. The game will then come up with a save data problem so you just add a code to the Action Replay cheats part click okay and then reset the ROM and the game will load. So far so good for me. If you load it from the BIO's you cannot save whereas with Start Cartridge directly you can.

    I get a teeny tiny bit of frame-rate slowdown once in a while, but that is because my PC needs a better graphics care and it runs fine regardless . If you decide to download it I can copy and paste the AR code for you so it will run. When downloading the emulator it is best to get the whole package which involes no$gba itself, no$zoomer the two BIO's needed and the DS firmware. There is a torrent which gives those.

    Anyway, I played a little of this earlier and got that skull back from Team Plasma. I am now on my way to the next city for the 3rd Gym leader. I got two new pokemon too which I like. One of them carries a plank of wood. Hah.

  20. I've just beaten the thrd gym, tried doing the global link but it says the server us down for me, anyone else?

    Now at the fourth city, got bike.

    [edit]Oh duuuuhhh! Global link isn't active until 3oth March.