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  1. lol this was oddly satisfying... should add dual thumb support for tablets, less bullets, and a leader-board.
  2. Dual thumbs? The rifle can only hit one location at a time. Or does dual thumbs mean one for aiming and one for shooting?

    Fewer bullets? The early levels should be easy and casual. The ammo limit decreases gradually. Before you know it, levels require a long range head-shot with every bullet. I may still tweak the numbers a bit to balance the points between the kill streak bonus and individual kills.

    A leader-board is coming. At first it'll be just a single World Record for highest level. A high scores board may come later.
  3. Can you break the world record?

    I reduced ammo some in the early levels.
  4. Set world record at Level 12... but got random Game Over even though I shot all the rabid Pooh bears with time and bullets to spare. .

    Tremendously buggy. SAD!
  5. You also need to meet the minimum points. It'll turn from red (counts down) to green (counts up) when achieved. Farther (or smaller) targets, head-shots, and streaks without a miss all give more points.
  6. Minimum point thing was a mystery until you explained it.
  7. I got to level 22 but wasted all my bullets and lost.
  8. Level progress is saved. You can continue from where you left off in pursuit of the World Record.

    I'm considering adding a 2nd game mode: Time Challenge. You get 60 bullets and 60 targets. Gotta shoot 'em all. Fastest time gets the glory.
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  9. Time Challenge is ready. The original mode now has a name: Endless Levels.
  10. I added a Protip before Level 1 to mansplain the point system.

    Is Time Challenge too hard? There's only 1 score in the leader-board.
  11. I lack discipline.