Portal 2

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  1. No word yet if the X360 will be invited to the 3-way.

  2. This is pretty exciting stuff. I really doubt MS will allow it though, but who knows, if there is enough pressure they just may.

    All I can say is that PS3 players are just lucky this isn't a regular shooter. ;)

    You also get a free steam PC&Mac copy of the game when you purchase the PS3 version! I think I'll still buy from steam though unless the price is the same, which is unlikely. I have no desire to play Portal 2 on a console.
  3. Valve is standing by their original comment that the PS3 will be the best console version. I think MS might have pissed in Valve's Cheerios.
  4. Yay, hopefully there will be some competitions KB/mouse vs controller, lol
  5. I thought portal 2 was co-op?

    There already is kb/mouse bs controller way back in unreal tournament 3 which had PC/ps3 multiplayer, I believe.
  6. Its not even anything close to fair.
  7. You do get most of the fragfx users on thy game I think, it's basically an analogue stick for moving and a mouse for aiming
  8. There have been tests of kb/m vs controller in multiplayer shooters, and the players using kb/m always end up with at least 3-4 times as many kills. Controllers just don't have the speed or precision of a mouse.

    Thankfully I think the multiplayer in Portal 2 will be about objectives rather than deathmatching, so it should be fair even with PS3 and PC gamers playing on the same servers.
  9. I remember friends of me calling people with a fragfx a cheater in MAG cause it was 'unfair'.
  10. Well now it's DS3, fragfX AND Move controls in that game. It's gonna be a mess.
  11. Lol, the one time i tried MAG am allways wondered how people ever were able to do somethings i saw with a controller. Shouldnt be something like Move even be better then a mouse? Since you aim practically right at your target onscreen like in real life.
  12. I'd have to say mouse would be easier but less realistic. Move, if done right, would be more realistic in general but probably a bit harder than a mouse.
  13. Move would probably be more difficult if your natural aim isn't very good, a mouse and thumbstick are much more forgiving in this regard,
  14. Portal 2 pre-order (Xbox 360 or PS3) + $20 Walmart eGift Card $54.96

    The price is higher than I would expect. I hope the PC version is closer to $30.


  15. Just bought Portal 2 and I'm gonna do the coop with a mate when I get home. No-one told me you can use the ps3 version to play with people on PC and or Mac! If this is true then I'm amazed, I thought we'd never ever see cross-platform gaming online. Is it true? Is it???
  16. I hope you weren't adopted..

  17. Or fat...
  18. I love when local news talking heads make stories out of non-events.
  19. So I'm trying to play with my mate and pretty much every time we finish a level and start a new one he's suddenly unable to hear me. All he can hear is "a strange scribbling noise". I can hear him fine. So we have to come out and restart and we can hear each other just fine, until we finish the level. Anyone having this problem? It's game breaking.
  20. I love what the news reporter said at the end of that video regarding Sony referring the "parents" to Valve. "They're passing the buck onto somebody else". Why would they not refer them to Valve? Sony didn't make the game. God sometimes I'm so glad I don't have to watch American news because it all seems so damn retarded it hurts.