Post Pics of Your Gaming Setup

Discussion in 'Technology' started by cmdrmonkey, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. We had one of these at the old PVC so I thought I'd start one here. Post pics or your PC and/or console gaming setups.




  2. I did some cleaning inside my case.

  3. [​IMG]

    It was dark where the consoles are so I had to get a torch on the case.


  4. I must be the only one without a HD TV. :/
  5. I like the Gears theme on your 360. Was it a special edition or did you buy a skin for it and the controllers?
  6. Have you got a PC monitor you can use? That was I did in the early days of this gen.

    I'll have to post some pics of my set up soon. Rooms piled high at the moment.
  7. This is a great suggestion. You can find the VGA adapter for the 360 quite cheap if you know where to look, probably around $5, and this will allow you to play in HD on a PC monitor.
  8. I have a 19" monitor but it is hardly HD?
  9. All PC monitors are HD by definition. This is a big part of why PC gamers have been going on and on about the superiority of PC for years. We were gaming in HD a decade before console gamers.

    I'm sure that's at least 1280x1024. 720p is only 1280x720.
  10. Special Edition Xbox. I wanted to get it when Gears 3 came out but didn't have the cash at the time. Thank God for tax rebates!

    Also you'll like this:

  11. You need something like this, but get one of the generic ones that are like $5.
  12. I have a PS3 not an Xbox. Although I have a SD TV, it is still larger than my monitor.
  13. Does the monitor have DVI? You need an HDMI to DVI adapter. That would allow you to run an HDMI cable to the monitor.

  14. [​IMG]

    It looks like this on mine, but the single line on the right is not straight but curved on both ends..
  15. You'll need a separate device for sound with a monitor. I connected via DVI and my PC speakers. I guess you could do the same, maybes. I was connecting a 360 so no idea what you may need for a PS3.
  16. My PC has inbuilt speakers so no clue. Maybe just saving up for a HD would be easier...although clear pictures on my monitor would be nice, especially with great looking games coming out soon.
  17. You could get a cheap headphone set as an alternative; some of them give you decent sound and can be used as a mic too. My monitor set up was much better than playing on a CRT; you really appreciate the graphic details.
  18. Surely there is a PS3 to monitor wire then much like the Xbox one.
  19. DVI will look better than VGA.

    The big issue is what would you do for sound? If you had a reciever, you could run optical or composite out to it.
  20. There's an HDMI to DVI connector on Amazon:

    Might be a solution. Though obviously you'd have the sound issue to resolve.