Post Pics of Your Gaming Setup

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  1. So my in built sound card will sound like crap if I just used it?
  2. You wouldn't be able to connect it to your PC sound card.

    You need actual speakers or headphones.

    You should be able to find a 26 or 32 inch HDTV for like $200 now, so maybe just save for that.
  3. Oh, so what you are saying is that I will get the playstation picture but because the PC is separate from the monitor I will need to use something else to get the sound?
  4. Yeah, unless you can plug your PS3 into your speakers then you're stuck. The headphone option might be cheapest; a quick look on amazon showed these:

    £26 for stereo headphones. So for sub £30 you can probably get an HD experience. Just check you're monitor settings first; might be worth getting the cable for a few quid first and, if it all works, then get some headphones.
  5. You could probably use your composite cables (Yellow, red, white) on the PS3, so you've got the HDMI in the HDMI port going to DVI then monitor and the composite cables you just use for the audio with something like this.


    Or if you're looking for a fancy schmancy headset, this plugs into a USB port and gives virtual 7.1 surround sound and has a mic.

  6. If you have an hdmi port on your monitor (and don't need a dvi -> hdmi adapter) than I'd try it just as is! It should just work with your integrated speakers automagically, it does for mine! Again if you deed an adaptor you won't get any audio signals so you'll need an audio or optical (for a more home stereo setup) cable.
  7. He has a 19" monitor so I'd highly doubt it. 19" varieties are generally in the 4:3 flavor with vga and dvi ports.
  8. You'll need a few more if you want to reenact this scene from Swordfish.


  9. Is the one of the right the one you picked up for free? It's a nice setup.
  10. Yes. I didn't get a very good picture of it. It has the S-PVA panel and the best blacks. Images are soft and and 3 dimensional. The Dell in the middle is the IPS and is the most color accurate. It's also the best for reading but it has an IPS glow "shimmer" on black screens. The one on the left is a P-MVA and is a crappy Westinghouse. Text is always blurred and I have to use software to lower the brightness.
  11. The Roman baths at Bath Spa?
  12. Yes. There are about 10 wallpapers in the entire world meant for 5760x1200. It's a really rare resolution.
  13. You should go up a hill and take some panoramic photos.
  14. Now I've seen your gaming set up I understand co
    Platelet why you play in that most ultimate of widescreen resolutions. Some people have too many monitors.

    I obviously can't seem to type for shit on this phone lol. Plus I only read my posts back after I've posted them.
  15. Are you asking why I game with 3 monitors? I don't really. I just happen to have 3 monitors and a Radeon HD5000 series card so I'm giving it a try. It's a pain in the ass really. Unless a game is made "ready" for 3 screens you have to find tools to move the HUDs around. It also drops your frame rate to about 60% of normal. I'll probably go back to 2 desktop monitors and only game on one.

  16. No way dude, keep all 3 of them. That is the perfect amount, you get a primary and one for each peripheral. I had a similar setup at my last place, and used the center one for gaming. What sucked was I couldn't just move over to another monitor to surf the web when I was died in-game. Games don't support that, and it minimizes to the task bar... then you won't know when the game is back on.
  17. Any idea how I can move my task bar to the center screen or how I can expand windows to only fill one screen?

    I finally got Skyrim to work. Had to modify an ini file. WSGF has plenty of home brew software fixes so I'll probably looking at their stuff a lot. I joined that site many years ago when wide screens were still kind of weird.
  18. Are you running some sort of software to make it look like one giant desktop?

    By default, you should be able to click-hold-drag your taskbar wherever you want. Windows should also be contained inside the monitor they are on, by default.

    Are you running some gay nvidia screen fakery?
  19. It's AMD Eyefinity fakery software which builds a group of monitors based on a connection to a single card. Windows can't even see the three monitors. I think you would need SLi or Crossfire to see 3 monitors in Windows. Eyefinity lets you see up to 6 monitors on one card. The task bar is stretched across 3 screen so there is no moving it to the center. It's top, bottom, left, right. I need a center option. If only Andrew were here.