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  1. Turn that faggotry off. You can have 3 monitors on win7 without their shitty software. I know this for a fact.
  2. ??? Alright. Tell me how to do it with just one HD5850 card. I can get all three displays to duplicate but it still only detects 2 monitors and only two can be extended. 3 duplicate displays isn't very useful.
  3. Is that 3rd monitor connected via display port by chance? I had that exact same problem with a 3rd display port monitor.
  4. Right now it is but originally I had 2x DVI and 1x HDMI and it still only detected two monitors. I don't think it's a Windows thing as much as it is a driver thing. What card were you using?
  5. Yeah it is a driver thing. I was using a 47xx or 48xx something. I don't think 2 dvi plus hdmi will work without trickery. You need 1 display port with 2 dvi.

    But i remember uninstalling all the stuff that came with the card. I downloaded random drivers from their page and something from workstation computers worked. I never installed catalyst, just drivers until windows saw 2 monitors. I had to manually enable the 3rd and expand to it.
  6. Okay here is what I did. I created two profiles in CCC. Gaming Mode and Desktop Mode. Gaming mode extends all three screens and in desktop mode my center screen is the start button screen and screen 2 is extended from screen 1. Screen 3 is a useless duplicate of screen 1. I set hot keys to swap between the two modes. I think that's the best I can do. I still get 2 useful screens for the desktop and the 3 screens for gaming. I can even game with one screen by using desktop mode.
  7. Quitter! Did you try emailing ATI for specific drivers?
  8. This obviously isn't my gaming setup but it looks pretty awesome to me. I'm riding a motorbike made of jealousy.

    You can skip to 6:00 for the gaming setup.
  9. [​IMG]

    Finally got a chair to enjoy gaming on.
  10. Is that a corsair K70 keyboard? I had the cherry MX brown one until it bricked itself the other month. My pc just wouldn't post one day and the keyboard didnt light up. It was only 14 months old, too.

    I also had the same mouse as you but after using the one that came with my new keyboard my old mouse gives me hand cramps. I had nothing but love for it before. It's a shame because my new mouse has a lot of things I don't entirely like about it, but after adapting to it I just can't go back.
  11. It is the K70
    The LED lights are already dying :( Ducky Shine next!
  12. [​IMG]

    so this is how a 34" ultrawide looks next to a standard 32"

    I got the predator on a desk mount. worked so well that I'm about to get another one for my 32" samsung monitor. stands take up so much desk space.
  13. sexy so sexy
  14. And to think, back in the day some multiplayer games didn't support wide screen because it was an unfair advantage.
  15. I was digging through my old Photobucket albums and came across this picture. This was my gaming setup when I first joined PVC. It was also the first picture I ever posted to the Internet.

  16. CRT, landline phone, answering machine, window case displayed prominently (back when that was considered so cool). Straight out of the early 2000s.
  17. Wait. Wasn't having it on display cool, then not cool, and now cool again?
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  18. Apparently it is cool again, because I couldn't find any modern cases without a side window. I didn't really want a window, but ended up with a case with a side windows.
  19. LOL we had a whole wall size version of that poster in my first apartment. They are supposed to professional installed like wallpaper. But it came in several smaller pieces and my roommates opted to use pushpins on each of them. It would bow out if you turned a fan on. I don't think it was ever cool.
  20. The new build is finally done! The case has the option to mount the video card vertically so the fans are showing through the glass but I'm not sure I want to go there yet. The riser cables are notorious for only lasting a year. That's the AMD Spire fan you see in the back. I'm using it to push a little air behind the motherboard so the drives get cooled too. Every light except the memory is RGB.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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