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  1. I'm going to post this here since bfun is our resident water cooler master. I just recently got the evga 1080ti sc2 hybrid (aio solutions have piqued my interest) and I'm wondering if I'm going about this the right way. Fan installed on the top so radiator hose goes down properly and exhausts air.


    I'm looking to upgrade to coffee lake at some point with an aio solution too.

    Only downside to this is that I have a spinning fan while in gpu idle mode now. :( the acx 3.0 cooler on my regular evga geforce 1080 sc didn't spin at all while idle..
  2. People put those 120 radiators pretty much anywhere. Some will say that they shouldn't go on the front and others say it shouldn't go on top. If you have it on an intake you're putting hot air into the case. If you have it on an exhaust you'r pulling hot air through the radiator and back into the card. I don't think it really matters.

    One of the reasons I didn't consider WC my 1070 is because the fans aren't spinning most of the time anyway. That and GPU water blocks are expensive. If that radiator fan is noisy you could always replace it.
  3. I did some custom work to my desk and moved it against a wall.

  4. What headphone amp is that? Is your WiiU connected to the BenQ monitor?
  5. The headphone amp/DAC is an Audio-gd Compass. It was part of a unique project about 10 years ago where the company build a unit based on design discussions from the Head-fi community. It was a limited run and the discount was good. It was one of the first USB DACs on the market. They're pretty common now. The little box on top is a FX Audio D802C speaker amp/DAC. I picked it because it was cheap and super versatile. It's got USB, Optical, Coaxial, Aux,and Bluetooth connections and 2x80w which is good enough for most desktop speakers. The Bluetooth works well and it's so small it can be used to add speakers to most any room. The speakers are Ascend Acoustic HTM-200 SE.

    Yeah I connected the Wii U to the HDMI port and the PC uses the display port. I found that I like playing console games more when the screen is close like playing a PC game. The Wii U is actually getting popular again since it's been hacked. If a person wants, they can get the entire Wii U library for free and there is an active modding community.
  6. Holy shit that is some horrible cable management right there, and I thought all network guys knew how to keep cables tidy.
  7. That's a really hurtful stereotype.
  8. Finally matching monitors.. well kind of

  9. You got the crack in your face. Even with 2 monitors I need to have one centered.
  10. I usually roll the chair around so I am facing just one, I do like crack in my face, but not from a monitor :)

    New case added today - gosh doing cases is not as easy I thought it would be !

    Finally gave up on my trusty NDH15 as the Ampere back ventilation seems more important than ever
  11. Doing new cases is my favorite part. You actually have one more case fan than I do and that's saying something.

  12. Thats a sweet set up, what kind of card is that??
  13. Red Devil 5700XT. It's got this cool neon setting that reminds me of the Stranger Things intro. I'm going for an 80s theme with the pink and blue. I see you are a fan of Noctua fans.

  14. I added some poop brown Noctua fans to my case for that poop asthetic


  15. Nice Vibe as the kids say..

    Yep went all Noctua, I was torn between this and the Corsair ML120s but.. I want to try and resist against the RGB fad as much as possible
  16. [​IMG]

    I love the Triangle BR02 speakers. I find I'm listening to them more than headphones these days.
  17. I see nothing triangle about them

  18. They're avante-garde. We're not supposed to understand it.