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  1. Couldn't you just wire it into your receiver in reverse? Or are the front and back speakers different?
  2. Fun with white van scam speakers

  3. It’s 90 degrees off so if I tried it the front left channel would be forward and over my head and the front right would be center right. The rear would be the same but slightly behind me. The guy who owned the house before me was crazy. I had to bring in an electrician to figure out what he did. He put speaker drops in every room in the house and even some outside. He also ran coaxial cable throughout the house and most of it terminated in one big rats nest in the basement. He even ran it to the attic. There are also volume knobs built into the wall and I have no idea what they do. We figure he had some really expensive sound system put in (back before wireless) that allowed him to play and control music from anywhere in the house. I also think he may have had a camera system in the basement where my neighbor thinks he may have been growing cash crops. Anyway when the guy left he cut all the cables and left a mess. At one point we found about 50 foot of copper cable shoved into a small hole in the wall.
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    Apple Man's suggestion of the ZVOX soundbar was actually so good we bought another one for my father in law. We love ours: super easy to use and sounds great. We went with the 570 for him, which is similar to the 555, but with bluetooth. He had a cheap receiver and speakers that frankly didn't sound that great, but could never figure out how to use the receiver without help, so it was usually turned off, and his TV has really crappy speakers. After he renovated his living room, he didn't even bother to set the receiver and speakers back up, because he always had so much trouble using it. I think the ZVOX is going to work great for him, since it just responds to the TV remote. You don't have to change inputs or sound formats or do anything other than press the volume button.

    Anyone looking at a new sound setup should take a hard look at the ZVOX soundbars. I think they sound as good as anything in the sub $1000 range, and they're way less clutter and way easier to use.
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    I upgraded my home theater setup with the Panasonic DP-UB820-K, pretty much the best 4K Blu-ray player on the market at a remotely reasonable price (to get a better player you're looking at $1000 for UB9000 and up). I'd been watching it for quite awhile, and it finally went on a decent sale at $399, $100 below the normal retail price. It really looks and sounds fantastic, and it supports just about every format, including Dolby Vision, HDR10+, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X.
  6. I did an upgrade too a few months ago. moved my 55" LG c9 OLED and edifier 2.1 speaker set into another room.

    got a 65" LG c1 OLED with a gen 2 Sonos beam and gen 3 Sonos subwoofer