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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Phisix, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. I was sure we had a thread on this but I could not find one. What does your desktop look like at the moment?


  2. Main screen

    Left Screen

    Right screen

    By default I'll be on the main screen 80% of the time, Swiping to the left or right for either calender updates or facebook stuffs
  3. Iphones or something else you guys have?
  4. android homescreens.

    you don't want to see my desktop on my pc.. didn't bother doing much with it and i got a bunch of win7 sticky notes with my personal info on it :)
  5. You on CM9 Khaid? I've always thought about switching over to Cyanogenmod but I do like the Sony Ericsson UI.
  6. Nah, I'm just on a custom rom still based on samsung's touchwiz using adw launcher ex. There is no cm9 alpha build for my phone even though it's a galaxy s II variant. mainly because it's a cdma version. :( I'm probably going to be waiting very long for cm9 for my phone.

    In the meantime though, I have an ics alpha build on my htc evo but it's not really optimized at all. It's still very sluggish. the sad thing is that i'll probably have cm9 on my hp touchpad before any of my other devices.
  7. Ah ok, I've just got a custom kernel on mine, gives me that clockworkmod backup thing and a nice speed boost.

    SE released an alpha build of their ICS rom for the devs to tinker with but I'll probably wait for the official release in a couple of months.
  8. I saw that. It was crazy and when I say crazy, I mean crazy awesome. They had an alpha build ready for their customers to play with only a month after google released the source.
  9. They've been pretty open about their firmware update schedule for ICS which is a pleasant surprise after their typically sluggish updates.

    This is my first android Sony Ericsson so it looks like I hopped on at the right time.
  10. @phisix

    Why are you still running Vista and not 7?

  11. Laptop desktop
  12. I am actually running XP. It's a vista theme look. Once I have enough funds I will upgrade things so I can go win7.
  13. What are your specs? You might be able to upgrade to Windows 7 now.
  14. Pentium 4, old PC. Not at home at the moment to check them.
  15. You can put those in museums now.
  16. Ram? Video card? If you have 2GB and a DX9 card you can upgrade even with a P4.

    Like let's say you have a Geforce 6800GT. Windows 7 would run fine on that.
  17. I think I have 2.4gb and my card is a DX10 one I think. I will check when I go home later.

    That said, even if I can, I won't be forking out money to buy an official Win7 copy.
  18. Demonoid. Or I have some legit European "N" editions if you want one, the caveat being that you have to manually install windows media player. But it would be a real copy. They can't be used in the US, so I have no use for them.

    XP is pretty ghetto at this point. If you can run 7 you should be running it.
  19. I'll do so if it can be done and my PC does not slow down. Bored of the XP look anyway. Would I just have to install Win7 itself and the PC does the rest? The last time I tried upgrading I mucked up my PC when I was 16 from going from Win98 to Xp.