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  1. I actually totally forgot it was white until I pulled it out of the box. I just bought the 2nd cheapest one there was on ebay from high feedback seller. The stand I installed it on is black as well. Oh well, I really don't care about the looks. Just practicality.
  2. I got a cheapish 7970 to crossfire with..


    Now to play some kerbal space programme.
  3. Holy crap. What's the power requirements for 7970 crossfire? 750W PSU seems a little low for such a setup, maybe I'm wrong.
  4. I checked on their website and it said that this psu would support cf.

    I am running a 7950 and 7970 in cf.

    In the end i'll get rid of the 7950 and go for just a dual 7970 I think. I hate having odd things :p
  5. A good 750w is fine for just about any sane setup. Extreme overclocking or an older model PSU that is less efficient at higher loads and you'd need higher, sure.

    Those standard blower coolers are generally better for dual GPU. You don't want that hot air sitting around at all for the other GPU to suck it in. You need a very high airflow case to have dual GPU's with coolers that dump air in the case. They do work much better at lower volumes in most normal situations though - cramped cases with poor exhaust being the only other exception. Is the 7970 the one with the standard blower cooler on the bottom?
  6. I think max TDP for the 7970 is rated around 250W.

    There's no way I could fit two cards that size into my motherboard. I think they are around a foot long and weigh a few pounds each.

    The GTX 670 is about the largest card that will fit into my mobo without breaking something.
  7. The 7970 is actually a Gigabyte WF. The bottom one which is reference is the 7950 from VTX. I got a new case the Corsair 500R. The side 200MM fan seems to keep things nice and cool even under full load the two cards aren't going above 60c. In my antec P180 the GPUs would be around 75C during heavy load.
  8. Nice, I have a 7950 Gigabyte WF and it works great, overclocked to 1GHz it sits at 60C under load also. I'm moving to a much smaller case with my next build so I'll see how it fares. I think with the 3 fans it could never be 'loud', it's more in very tight cases with just one intake and exhaust fan and a lot of clutter that blower fans are better suited. AMD/NV make most of their higher end cards blower type for this reason I assume. They also seem to wear better over time, being more covered.

    AKS - the 670 is quite amazing if you're size/power constrained. The 7900 series is more like the a GTX 580 or even more like a Titan. This makes them great all round cards for the money IMO, but if size/power constraints are an issue at all, they aren't a great option. That said if you're building a new PC from scratch, most cases around (even mATX/ITX) cases will fit and provide more that adequate cooling for them just fine. Also, any reputable bronze rated 500w+ or gold rated 450w+ PSU will be fine for such a card. I'm going with a 550w gold for my next build. Dual GPU is another story, I'd say 700w bronze or 650w gold would be fine. I've decided that dual GPU is not for me for many reasons.
  9. Dual GPU has its problems, but there's it's an insane amount of raw power for the price. It was also a matter of circumstance for me. I've had a dual GPU setup twice, and each time I just decided to add a second card to upgrade rather than go through trying to get rid of my existing card for a more powerful one.

    I have a 1200w PSU, but I didn't realize the cards I would end up using were going to be so efficient. I was thinking they'd be in the 250w to 300w range, but the latest Nvidia cards are very efficient thanks to some improvements in their design.
  10. They're smaller dies, basically a beefed up mid range card with high clocks. Titan is the card people were expecting Nvidia to release at their high end early last year. I guess AMD's poor performance allowed them to do this, although much of that was down to AMD's driver immaturity at the time because of the new architecture. Looking at reviews now the 7970 is ahead of the 680, but not enough to label the 680 a mid range card. Still, the fact that it sells for $100+ more is pretty ridiculous. Titan should have been packaged as the GTX 680 with a cheaper cooler, less compute functionality and 3GB GDDR5 for $599, with the now labeled GTX680 as a 660Ti for $399. That said 680/670 are amazing all round cards though, not as future-proof as 7900's IMO, but with PS4 having 8GB GDDR5, nothing available now is.
  11. Which is why I think it's incredibly silly to do any serious upgrading right now. Anything you buy is going to be obsolete when the new consoles come out.

    If I'm going to spend more than $300 on a video card, I expect to get at least 3 years out of it.

    Something like a Radeon 7970 or GTX 680 that's $500+ and guaranteed to be junk by the end of the year just seems like a bad deal to me.
  12. It depends on what you expect out of a gaming PC. I bought my 7950 for $290 about 8 months ago. I usually aim for 2 years out of a graphics card, so I'd be fine with getting 18 months considering I paid around $200 less than I normally do on a graphics card.

    Then again I doubt I will ever pay over $400 again, priorities have changed. If you're okay with turning down those settings in a years time and can get a good price, it should be fine. Buying a 2GB card now for over $300 does seem short sighted to me. If you bought it a year ago and only keep graphics cards for 2 years, then it's obviously fine. Right now there's nothing on the market that I would be buying for my usage case. Titan would probably fit the bill if it wasn't $1000. Same deal with 6GB 7970's costing $600.

    I'd say around mid next year I'll be buying whatever card is well priced with 6-8GB memory. 4GB may turn out to be okay, considering consoles won't be using all of that 8GB on graphical assets/frame buffer (I'm guessing 4-6GB generally), but I really think even 4GB is cutting it way too fine.
  13. I think we are all giving the PS4 a little too much credit where it is not due it. Yes 8GB of GDDR5 is impressive, but it is shared for all system functions. The actual GPU in terms of power is being placed at a mid range 7xxx series ATI card. So it would like the 77xx range getting a 4GB version (since you'd expect the other 4GB for system cache). In terms of raw power the PS4 doesn't look impressive to me. It and the new xbox will push general cross platform gaming to new heights obviously.

    I am looking forward to new PC hardware though the 7xxx series has been knocking around for a while. But with the Titan already out I do wonder what the next generation will be like and how much it will likely cost.. AMD have pushed their next gen GPUs down the pipeline.

    I got the 7970 for £239 (actual sales price £350.00) I got the 7950 for £200.00 so Its less expensive than a 680 on its own.. combined.
  14. Agreed. I think this idea that a 680 is going to be obsolete when the PS4 comes out is a bit premature. Two of the first big releases, Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age 3, will be using the Frostbite 2 engine. 670s and 7950s can handle Frostbite 2 games just fine. Also take in to consideration that it usually takes a year or more before the console games really tap the potential of the new hardware.
  15. It's not a 77xx class, it's 78xx. 32 ROPS, 2 geometry engines, 18 CU's. It's basically a bit more than double a 7750 in every way, with more than double the memory and memory bandwidth. Aside from memory, it's somewhere between a 7850 and 7870.

    In the short term, yes PC's of similar spec will keep up, so no you probably shouldn't be worried about next year, but probably 2015 at the latest. For an example, how did the 256MB 7800GTX fare with PS3 ports? It was a better GPU in every aspect compared to RSX, but by 2007 it had become horribly outclassed.

    You should never underestimate the benefits of closed box hardware, a light OS and ultra thin API. You're looking at up to a 2x performance increase from all of those alone. On top of that ongoing rule which is backed up from my example for the current gen, the real issue this time around is when games are designed to use 4GB+ of video assets, that's when your 2GB cards will fall from grace.
  16. I'm thinking about doing a PC rebuild towards the end of this year or early next year. The top single cards on the market are starting to surpass my SLI setup, and I can't squeeze a bigger card into there. I'm surprised nothing snapped off my motherboard trying to get the cards I have in there. I'm still running the same old 2600K Sandy Bridge CPU, too. On the other hand, I can run most games at very high settings still. Witcher 3 really looks amazing. It's a matter of time that the top games will start to chug, though.

    BTW, I also upgraded my mouse significantly to a G502 Proteus Spectrum. I'm definitely not used to it being so fast. It's a bit disorienting in shooters because I'm not used to it being so twitchy and precise.
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    Forgot this thread existed.

    32GB Corsair DDR3-1600
    Asus Sabertooth Z87
    Asus GTX 980 Strix
    Seasonic 1000W Platinum PSU
    Corsair 650D

    I don't see myself upgrading any time in the near future.
  18. that's not a bad idea for the timing of it. you can sli up this time around with Pascal cards which should be the biggest change for video cards in the last few years. I was contemplating about waiting but just pulled the trigger on a 980ti. I'll worry about regretting it later.

    your cpu honestly is still fine. the biggest jump for you when you do upgrade your cpu will be all of the new motherboard features you'll be getting compared to the sandy bridge era.

    as far as the mouse goes, you should be able to turn down the speed with it. logitech gaming mice normally have a button where you can increase and decrease dpi on the fly.
  19. Look like that mouse sets the DPI in the software.
  20. I just listed my evga geforce 980ti on ebay for $369.. noticed i accidentally typed gta instead of gtx.. fixed it and it sold 1 minute later. not sure if i just ripped myself off. i thought $369 was high since you can get this card at this price brand new now. and the gtx 1070 is $399. whatever. i aint even mad.