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  1. My good old Phenom! It has treated me well, minus the fact that I lost the overclocking lottery. I could never keep it stable above 3.3GHz, which was not a great result at all for these chips back in the day.

    I'm waiting to see how Intel responds. If they get into a price war, I'll probably pounce later this year depending on who has the best value. If Intel doesn't bite though and sticks with current pricing, I have my eye on the 1600X. That way I would get the higher base clock speeds for gaming, but I also get some extra cores for any multimedia work in the future. That unit at this point seems like the sweet spot based on the information we have so far. I'm waiting on some user benchmarks of the Ryzen 7 cpus in the next few weeks to see if these new processors are the real deal.

    I'm trying to find details about the motherboard chipsets and what the difference is. I know the x370 will have more PCI-e lanes, but I have no intention of ever running a multi-GPU setup, so am I better off saving ~$80-100 and getting a B350 mobo? I can't find a definitive answer anywhere yet. Maybe everything will make more sense in March once people actually are testing everything.
  2. Remember SSDs use PCI-e lanes now too, consider how many NVMe drives you might install on top of the GPU.

    Some boards now have multiple M.2 slots.
  3. I haven't started my PC rebuild yet, but I went ahead and bought a GTX 1080. I'm not impressed with the 1070 Ti but wasn't keen on coughing up $750 for the 1080 Ti, so I ended up buying a 1080 for $500.

    Should be fun trying to fit this into my ancient motherboard. I plan on using this in a proper rebuild early next year but decided to go ahead and grab the card now. If I can't get it to work in my current setup I suppose I'll be rebuilding sooner than planned.
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    What kind of setup are you running these days? Did you ever end up getting an SSD?

    Also my specs since that's what this thread is about:
    i7 4770K
    32GB Corsair DDR3
    Asus Sabertooth Z87
    Asus GTX 1070 Strix
    2 x 480GB Intel 730 in RAID0
    2 x 4TB HGST in RAID1
    1000W Seasonic Platinum
    BenQ BL3200PT 32" 1440p VA monitor
  5. I've got the same old Sandy Bridge setup but plan to rebuild it early next year. I was waiting to see how the 1070 Ti compared to the 1080 before I selected a GPU. I'm not particularly pleased with the 8700k, either. Looks like 7700k/ 1080 is my preliminary plan. I have a SSD I'll probably use in the rebuild.
  6. I would recommend you buy Ryzen since I own a ton of AMD stock.
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    If it's a Sandy Bridge i7 2600K you may not have much reason to upgrade. Between 2013 and 2017, there was basically no advancement in mainstream desktop CPU technology. A 2600K is not going to bottleneck modern video cards much if at all. You could probably just pop in that GTX 1080 and call it a day.

    I wish I could find the thread, but bfun posted a bunch of graphs showing how there's been no meaningful change in gaming performance with the hyperthreaded quad core i7s since the Sandy Bridge i7 2600K.
  8. @cmdrmonkey That's one of the key reasons I've been waiting and am trying just the GPU upgrade first. I wanted to see if my CPU bottlenecks me and if so by how much. Intel had been pretty stagnant due to lack of competition. I was pleased to see AMD release decent chips to hopefully start to build up a rivalry again and push price down and performance up. Sandy Bridge was a huge advancement but the recent CPUs haven't blown me away. Intel wants $400 for the 8700k. Not interested.
  9. s'all bout da rgbz

  10. Whats your monitor? 1080p at 144hz can bottleneck with Sandy Bridge.
  11. I have an LG B6 OLED.
  12. So 4K 60hz then. You become less and less CPU bound at higher resolutions. You may be fine with just the GTX 1080 in that case.
  13. Right. Your CPU wont bottleneck your GPU at 4K unless you have 2 1080Ti in SLI. Some games are more CPU intensive but even then the difference is only about 5fps.
  14. That's good to hear. As long as I don't break anything trying to cram this monster into the board I'll be OK for now.
  15. I was set to just stick with what I had for awhile, but I found a deal on parts I liked well enough to go ahead and upgrade the rest of my computer. My rig will include the following (*just purchased):

    MSi Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon*
    16 GB (2x8) G.Skill TridentZ RGB 3200 OC*
    MSi GTX 1080 Duke 8G OC
    Samsung 850 Evo 1TB SSD
    Corsair Gold AX1200 (from previous build)
    LG B6 55" OLED

    I had planned to add the rest later this year, but it seemed dumb to do it later and pay a lot more when I could get the rest of what I needed for ~$650 now. Assassin's Creed: Origins and Total War: Warhammer II were thrown into the deal as well. I paid about $40 to $50 less for my CPU than the 2600K in mid-2011. The mobo was discounted from $175 down to $119 with the mail-in rebate. Too good to pass up.

    I seem to be a good customer for MSi. I look at every decent brand for each component but still end up buying their parts.

    Fuck the 8700K. No way am I paying $420 for that thing.
  16. You might want to get a tower cooler for your CPU. The 7700K can get hot and I've heard the stock fan gets a bit noisy under load. The Hyper 212 EVO is the most popular in the $30 price range. If price is no concern a Noctua for $60 would be best.
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    I bought the CM Hyper 212 Evo with the other stuff this morning. It was $20 with rebate. Disappointment with temperatures was part of the reason I just held onto the 2600k for so long. Wasn't seeing much that impressed me. Fortunately with the Hyper 212 and giant CM HAF 932 Advanced case I'll probably be OK with temps.
  18. Guess I never posted my latest build.


    Ryzen 5 1600
    ASRock Killer SLI/ac
    CORSAIR Vengeance LED 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3200
    SeaSonic M12II 620 Bronze 620W
    EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW
    Samsung EVO SSD 850 500GB
    Seagate 600 SSD 480GB
    Thermaltake View 31


    EK-Supremacy EVO AM4 water block
    Blackice Nemesis 360 Stealth radiator
    Barrow D5 Pump
    2 x Blacknoise NB-Multiframe 120mm
    3 x Blacknoise NB-eLoop 120mm
    3 x Thermaltake Riing 140mm
  19. I strongly considered a Ryzen 1800x, but it was still almost $40 more and about 10% slower in most of the games I've seen. If they were the same price and I got a good combo deal, I probably would have gone with Ryzen just because I'm irritated Intel has been so stagnant with no real competition.