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  1. Prey 2 has been pushed back to 2013 due to quality issues but it's still worth taking a look at. So far it's being compared to Mass Effect, Fallout, and Borderlands. That's a big shift from Prey which was a linear FPS.

  2. It looks like a generic sci fi RPG. I'm not really seeing what this has to do with the original game.

    I liked Prey even though it was flawed. It reminded me of Portal.
  3. The original Prey was published by 2K Games. Bethesda is publishing this one so I think we can expect something good.
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    Better stay away from it for a couple of months then, give them time to get 4 or 5 patches out so that it only crashes every 4 hours or so.
  5. Here is the old E3 trailer.
  6. That's the Soundgarden 'Rusty Cage' cover by Johnny Cash in the background...
  7. Prey 2 was cancelled a couple of years ago so I was a little surprised when I saw there was another game coming out called Prey. The explanation of why they are calling the game Prey baffles me. I think what they are saying is that they own the name and it's a cool name so they're going to reuse it.

    I think Prey 2 was supposed to be similar to Mass Effect. This looks a lot more like DOOM.

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    IGN 4/10
    Gamespot 6/10

    Ouch. The IGN reviewer couldn't even finish it because his saves kept becoming corrupted.
  9. Too bad. I was hoping for another good FPS.
  10. I was hoping for one too. Loved the DOOM reboot, but otherwise we haven't had too many good single player FPSs in recent years.
  11. Gabe has hinted that there may be another Half-Life themed game coming out but that could easily be Portal 3 since he said Portal was one of his favourite Valve games.
  12. Gabe needs to stop hinting and actually deliver something. Where are Half-life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, and Portal 3?
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    IGN bumped their review to an 8/10 now that the game has been patched, and altered the review to something really positive now that the reviewer could finish the game, so I have no idea what to think. Also the Youtube and Steam reviews are really positive. Might be worth a go at some point.
  14. That is the running joke: Gabe is terrified of the number 3.

    I would be happy with anything from value. They have to be sitting on something that is using their new game engine.
  15. The user reviews still stink and that has me worried. It seems like it's might be an okay stand alone game but it doesn't have any of the qualities that made ME1 and ME2 so good. Those qualities being good story writing and characters that don't act and look stupid.
  16. I'm really interested in this game. If it goes on sale for like half off, I'll probably pick it up.