Project Fi - Google's Mobile Network Launches

Discussion in 'Technology' started by khaid, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Google's fabled mobile network launched today although it's a very limited launch. It's by invites rolling out slowly and you have to be a Nexus 6 user.

    The network is an MVNO through T-Mobile US and Sprint. It is all data (through calls as well). Google developed a system that seamlessly swaps between LTE between the networks and your wifi connection, whichever is faster.

    The real kicker is that they refund you back your money for the data you do not use.

    Obviously, this type of service isn't for people that use huge buckets of data.
  2. This sound like a good deal for me. In the last 6 months I've never gone over .8GB.
  3. Other than the refund angle, it doesn't seem all that slick. TD.
  4. you have to look at the benefits as a whole. not just things that would benefit you only.

    it uses coverage areas from TWO providers. almost all mvno prepaid services use one provider.

    you get international features at very very low rates. with all other prepaid services you either get no options for international at all or you have to use the carrier's ridiculous high rates.

    the plan also includes tethering.
  5. The fact that only the Nexus 6 works with the service is kind of at odds with any savings. The plan seems budget minded but $650 is a premium price for a phone. If the Nexus 6 has been priced like the 5 this would be a lot hotter.
  6. the way google worded this may mean the nexus 6 only restriction is temporary until they feel the service is fine for wide release.

    I'm actually not sure what google intended by moving the nexus 6 to regular phone pricing.
  7. Instant invites available today only:

    Say "hi" to Project Fi
    We'll be giving out instant invites all day to celebrate the shipment of the Nexus 5X.