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  1. At first it was an Alien prequel. Then only recently Ridley Scott denied that and said there were no Aliens (Xenomorphs) in this movie. So what do you believe? Well, supposedly there were people seen in costume on the sound stage in London but that was never quite confirmed and then you get the director saying clearly this film had nothing to do with Alien....

    However, there are MANY elements in here from Alien; quite clearly a Space Jockey skull, the control chair where they find the pilot, and of course the ship is exactly the same shape. So is Ridley Scott talking shit? Take a gander and decide

    Also, some of this reminds me a lot of Mass Effect...
  2. Definitely a prequel to or a reboot of Alien. Everything is the same. My guess is it was supposed to be kept secret, and Ridley Scott was pissed people found out.

    I'm really excited about this. Once Alien got out of Ridley Scott and James Cameron's hands, it turned to absolute shit. Maybe now we'll get some proper sequels and a real explanation of what Xenomorphs are in the first place.


    He can deny it all he wants. That's straight out of the first Alien.
  3. That Ridley Scott.. Prometheus was the name of their ship in Alien, no? Dunno how he can even begin to deny the fact. Maybe he meant that the story isn't going to directly connect to each other, or at least he didn't intend it to be.
  4. The ship in Alien was the Nostromo.
  5. Ah yes, I'm getting my ships confused with Stargate SG-1.
  6. Amen. I have a friend who foolishly thinks Alien Resurrection is the best?? Needless to say he is mocked constantly for it.

    I'm fairly confident this will be great. If Ridley Scott can recapture what he created in the Alien movie then I will be incredibly happy.
  7. Alien Resurrection was a turd. The film burnt up in the projector when I saw it in the theater, and most people got up and got a refund rather than waiting for them to get a new reel. It was that bad.

    Alien and Aliens are the only true Alien movies as far as I'm concerned. I like Aliens every bit as much as Alien, but for different reasons. Alien is a great horror film, Aliens is a great action movie.
  8. I thought Alien was a little boring, but somewhat Hitchcockian. The 2nd one was a decent action flick from the era. I don't even consider the other ones relevant.
  9. What movies do you like then considering you're being completely dismissive of two of the greatest movies of all time?
  10. 3 is a good film too; wouldn't say it reaches the heights of the others but it's grown on me on over the years. Got real high hopes of Prometheus; love the look of what we've seen so far.
  11. I don't see the Alien connection and I kind of hope it's not. Alien 2 is one of the best movies of all time but 1,3, and TvsA weren't that great.
  12. In terms of all time, I like the first Predator movie, and the second Aliens.

    But I found the second AvP, and the new Predators movie entertaining.
  13. Go back and watch the beginning of Alien. It's the same derelict alien ship.




    Prometheus (in the trailer it falls into the position seen in Alien):

    You also have people wearing Weyland Corporation shirts, which is the evil corporation in the Alien films. There's no doubt this is a prequel or reboot.
  14. BURN HIM!!!!
  15. I say we take off and nuke him from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  16. You guys are too serious about your franchises. Those were decent mindless action flicks. Adrian Brody as a badass black ops merc was totally believable.
  17. Oh I forgot about that one. It was alright but no aliens though.
  18. AVP is crap, and if you like it, you're a retard.

    That being said, Predators was decent. Not great, but decent.
  19. Predators was much better than AvP and AvP2. I actually enjoyed it, except for the lame ending.
  20. I thought the two least interesting characters survived. I liked the Russian and Yakuza dude.

    The first one seemed like a comedy spoof with the weird alien/human borderline love story.... but it wasn't even so bad I could it good.

    The 2nd one was just gratuitous violence. What's not to like?