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  1. Off with his head!
  2. So you're not going to justify what makes it 'good' then?
  3. Do we need to? We like Alien, we like Ridley Scott's work, and this looks like a sci-fi movie Hollywood has needed for a while.

    I'm not going to ask you to justify why you don't like it. All movies aren't for everyone.
  4. It's a sci-fi movie from Ridley Scott, the dude who made Alien and Blade Runner, two of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made. How could it be anything but awesome? Are you serious with this shit, or are you just trolling? Do you not like good movies? Maybe you should stick to Transformers.
  5. .Well then shit cunt maybe I will, because I honestly HATED Blade Runner and don't think too much of Alien. It was boring and its questions of morality better done in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, leaving it a hollow movie that tried to take the piss out of scientific inquiry and progress and left me feeling sick and unamused. While Alien I found quite a forgetful horror story, I wouldn't even rate it as proper Sci-fi.

    So, as you can see I don't think very much of Riddley Scott or his works, and if that offends you then you're just a stupid cunt who wants to start fights because someone’s got a different opinion to you and you can't handle it.
  6. So you just have horrible taste in movies then.

    Alien and Blade Runner are objectively good movies that have stood the test of time. If you think they're bad movies, you are wrong.

    You'll also find morons who think the Godfather is a bad movie, and those people are also wrong.
  7. Objectively good movies you say? I see no formal proof or repeated experiments that show that what you say is so, so how exactly is it true in all cases then?
    If someone has a different perspective to you deal with it, don't just become an arse and start arguing for the sake of arguing. It doesn’t go anywhere and just makes you look childish.
  8. Alien:
    RT: 96%, IMDB: 8.5, won an oscar, Top 250 #43

    Blade Runner
    RT: 92%, IMDB: 8.2, nominated for 2 oscars, Top 250 #123

    Yeah, those movies just sound horrible. I guess that's why every respected critic and millions of people regard them as being among the greatest movies of all time. Because they're horrible. Stop being a dumbass. If you don't like Alien and Blade Runner, you have shitty taste in movies and you're the one who needs to grow up and learn to appreciate fine art instead of watching Michael Bay movies.
  9. General opinion DOES NOT have to relfect my own. I only said I didn't like them personally and that not everyone HAS to like them. You can say what you want about me, I don't give two fucks, but DON'T try and say that your view is the only 'correct' view.
  10. You're just being deliberately contrarian.
  11. No, I gave my reason, you just didn't accept them for what ever reason.
  12. In what way is Alien for instance a bad movie? It has excellent cinematography, excellent narrative structure, good editing, good writing, special effects that were years ahead of their time, it's suspenseful, the concept was novel for the time and has been much imitated. Maybe you don't like it, but certainly you can appreciate that it's a very well made and influential film? Most critics consider it the best film in the entire horror genre.
  13. Indeed I can, I never said it was bad but I personally dislike horror movies especially suspenseful ones, as such I didn't find it entirely capturing (plus I'm too young to appreciate just how good it was for its time, as it was before my own time).
  14. As if monkey would do something like that lol.
  15. I think a lot of people assume that because they like something that makes it intrinsicly "good". This is not always the case.


    Reservoir Dogs, it's a good film and many consider it to be a classic but I found it rather boring and hugely disappointing. I can appreciate the fact that it's a good film, but I just don't like it.

    How High, it was quite a bad film all told. Nothing about it made it seem like a quality product but I still enjoyed watching it and got a few laughs from it.

    Just because something is good doesn't mean you have to like it and likewise, just because something is bad doesn't mean you can't like it.
  16. Re: Re: PROMETHEUS

    Is something wrong? It's just a thread about a movie with a few fans. Just ignore it and move on if it didn't interest you. That's what I do.
  17. I simply asked what everyone saw in the trailer, because I wasn't sure I was personally impressed and wanted to get some perspective; however Cmdrmonkey and I got into a bit of an argument and it carried on from there.

    So it originally started as a legitimate want to post, I wasn't trying to be a shit stirrer, I actually wanted to know why people though that.
  18. We saw excellent filmmaking from one of the greatest directors of all time.
  19. It's all personal opinion though, I think the movie could be good but that viral video was awful for me.
  20. The viral video bored me. I kept thinking that he looked nothing like bishop, also nothing got explained or even hinted at. All we know is that wetland industries is about to sart making androids, nothing to get excited about.