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  1. I honestly don't get you sometimes.

    First off, why the fuck would he look like Bishop? That makes no sense...or are you talking about something from those incredibly shitty fucking Alien vs Predator movies. Fact: those films were utter shit and have no bearing on the Alien all..ever...they don't exist as far as this movie is concerned.

    Also what do you mean nothing was hinted at? You think he made the video for kicks or do you think his talk about Prometheus stealing fire from the Gods might have some parallel to the events that will occur in this movie? I mean, you have seen the first trailer at the start of this thread have you not? Have you even seen Alien? Alien left a lot of questions unanswered that weren't essential to the story of the original movie but were intriguing questions for you to chew over afterwards; who did the ship belong to?, where did the Xenomorphs come from? what was the thing sat in the chair..lots of stuff. This film will answer alot of things that have puzzled fans of Alien.

    Then there's also the fact that they're showing just how single minded (and potentially ruthless) Weyland can be. He has an enormous ego and in his own words will strive for nothing less than greatness or die in the attempt; or perhaps have others die in the attempt. In Alien(s) "the company" is painted as the root of all evil and here you see the guy who started it all; to me it explains a lot.

    And finally, the fact that they're going back to this story nearly 32 years after the original came out indicates just how epic the original film was and how much of an impression it made on people who appreciate great storytelling and great films.
  2. oh the young people here are so cute.
  3. They're annoying and have no respect for institution franchises.
  4. Saying you don't like Alien is like saying you don't like the Godfather. It's not a blight on the film. It just makes you look like a retard who can't appreciate good movies.
  5. I think he's referring to the fact that Bishop was built to resemble a Weyland guy.
  6. According to what? The shitty AVP movies?
  7. Not everyone has to like the same stuff you do, man you're such a fascist.
  8. According to Aliens actually. Every time I've seen a Weyland he's looked exactly like Bishop so I found it odd that this Weyland didn't. Also banging on about Gods and people putting out matches with tricks didn't entertain or intrigue me. All I got from his monologue was "We have technology", but he managed to stretch that for 3 minutes. I just don't think the video is all that great. I'll still watch the film obviously.
  9. I'm actually embarassed for you dude. I mean really embarrased. Have you actually seen any of the Alien movies? Weyland has never made an appearance in them. They only refer to "The Company" which by Aliens is the Weyland Yutani Corporation. Of course you're refering to the shitty AvP movies which are a shitty spin-off franchise with fuck all to do with the rich universe in Scott/Camerons movies.

    Well of course not. It's a viral video aimed at people who actually know what the backstory is they're hinting at, i.e/ people who've actually seen the original Alien movie, who've seen the new teaser for this movie and people who care and/or understand what he's hinting at.

    Scott's never going to impress someone for whom Aliens means those shitty AvP movies. A stellar performance from a decent actor working with interesting material isn't going to impress someone who things Paul Andersons film is great.
  10. I don't think Bishop was in the avp movies was he? Actually, I have no idea since I didn't watch them. I only recall Bishop actually being in Aliens, and then as a torn up talking android corpse in Alien 3. If you recall, at the end of Alien 3, he reappears and shocks ripley as he tells her he's the android's creator. But of course, that doesn't even mean he's the founder of Weyland.

    Armadeadn, if you watched the first Alien, the concept of the androids as part of the crew was started in that movie. Ash was the android in that movie. And then the black sheep of the franchise, Alien Resurrection, Wynona Ryder was an android in that movie. Obviously, neither actor was Lance Hendrickson.

    And like ichi said, the viral video was made just to give a little more backstory to the company. Throughout the franchise, you aren't given many chances to see what they were all about. And of course, a prequel to the franchise is going to dabble more into that, so this viral video's purpose is to add to that. And I don't know how much you follow tech and science stuff, but the event that is taking place in that video is based on a real event that we actually have today. TED Talks, which makes the viral video all that much more entertaining.
  11. What was he talking about in that video? Something about becoming gods and being a bastard?
  12. Lance Henriksen was in AvP but, as was mentioned earlier, those movies were utter shit and have no bearing on the Alien Universe.

    Indeed, he's even credited in the movie simply as "Bishop II" - not even a mention of Weyland there.
  13. Yeah I thought he was a weyland but I guess he just works for them. It's been many years since I saw alien and I'll admit I don't know it all that well, I know the other alien films much better. I suppose if you do care about the backstory to the company then the new trailer would be intriguing.
  14. Bleh, forget about the company, that's boring. Bring on the aliens.
  15. Ah but apparently there are no Aliens in this movie - it's not about the Xenomorphs; it's about where they come from and what they actually are (remember the Viral video about the "punishment of the Gods?)
  16. It's not about the aliens? I was expecting giant alien guy from Alien and his faithful alien sidekick
  17. Pinky and The Brain alien.
  18. There are aliens in the movie, just not the chest bursting Xenomorphs from the original films. This will be showing us what the Space Jockeys are - (that's the name given to the dead alien sat in the control chair from the original Alien)
  19. So Weyland and co. are going to discover the space jockey?
  20. If Aliens goes all religious I'm out.