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  1. There's nothing religious. From what I understand, the xenomorphs were an ancient alien biological weapon. This movie is probably going to give us more detail on that.
  2. Although the script I've read is likely to be bogus, the trailer and the viral video have certainly given it some credence. The story I've read has these company explorers finding the civilisation who "seeded" the galaxy but we steal something from them and the xenomorphs are created as a weapon to destroy us; hence the parallel of stealing fire from the gods in the Weyland speech . There's also some time travel involved and supposedly our human looking Android in this movie becomes the template for humanity...which would make sense if "we are the gods now.
  3. In the first Alien film, do they know what the space jockey is?
  4. No, they don't really get to explore the ship because the facehugger attacks Kane and they just leave. Same in Aliens; the salvage family find the ship but they leave after the dad gets facehugged. The space jockeys were never an essential part of the original movies, just an intriguing side note that Ridley Scott has decided to come back to.
  5. Theophobe
  6. Wouldn't that be quadrilogy?
  7. There were 4 of them, since when?

    Oh right resurrection...
  8. The trailer for Prometheus prominently features the ship from the original Alien. This is undoubtedly a prequel to Scott's original movie. Not a spin off since the events tire directly into Alien
  9. Fuck's sake. The trailer didn't get me interested but all this talk about the trailer is doing just that.

    oh dear....
  12. Holy crap :)
  13. That trailer seems to imply that it's people from Earth that take down the alien ship from the original film.
  14. Awesome stuff. There's the IMAX trailer as well to watch

  15. Yep, I may actually need to see this one in IMAX format.
  16. I think a movie of this calibre demands to be seen in IMAX. I think this might be the first movie I've seen in a while that will demand multiple viewings
  17. You're getting slow, I watched this daaaays ago.

    Also, the bit where he cries? That's actually how the Michael Fassbender cries.

    And for some reason, I get Look Around You vibes from this video.