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  1. I think I'm going to wait for this to hit the torrent sites instead of seeing it in a theater. The word of mouth hasn't been that great, and a lot of people are saying it outright sucks.
  2. Yeah, I think Prometheus is worth a watch, but definitely not something to pay $12 a ticket for. I think the biggest disappointment is that it really isn't an Alien prequel. It's just set in the same fictional universe, a universe with vast plot holes.
  3. Umm, what exactly IS worth paying $12 for?
  4. Did you not hear Ridley Scott deny adamantly that it's not a prequel?
  5. my thoughts exactly. if monkey is implying the alternative is stealing it than... it doesn't sound like it's THAT bad. at least a 1.20 rental at the redbox or get it earlier at blockbuster.
  6. Avengers. I will probably see Great Gatsby also in theaters. Dicaprio is on a roll.

    No. The studio hype sold it as an alien prequel despite what the director may have said.
  7. I agree with supersonic, here in the UK it was sold as a prequel too. Another thing I didn't add in my previous post was how disjointed it felt to watch - almost as if some sections had been rushed or maybe there wasn't enough attention to detail, considering the pedigree the film has it felt a little below par e.g. Idris Elba's patchy american accent and muted performance, charlize theron had a similar performance too.....almost as if your only seeing 65% of how good these people really can be. Rent it IMO.
  8. Actually, it wasn't sold as a prequel anywhere. If anything Ridley Scott was ADAMANT that this wasn't a prequel, (I even say as much in the opening post on this thread), prefering to actually say that while there was the DNA of what would become an Alien movie in there but the two franchises had no direct relation to one another.

    The problem arose when fans (and I was especially guilty of this) decided that Scott was in fact trying to throw people off the scent of what he was doing. We all saw the Space Jockeys, ships, control chairs and just drew our own conclusions...albeit wrong conclusions.

    The fact is this is actually a really good little sci-fi move in its own right. It has enough little elements that you can see will "become" parts of Alien (or that world) but it's seperate enough for it to be its own story. Personally, after reading all of the advanced reviews I was glad i took the very plain advice to put Alien out of my mind. If I'd gone in expecting Scott to have remade his original masterpiece complete with Xenomorphs and explaining what all if it was about I would have come out completely disappointed; so I see where people are complaining.

    However, overall I really enjoyed it. It's a quality example of how you should make a film and its so rare to see Sci-fi with that level of polish. Are there giant plotholes or inconsistencies? Yes, I could rattle some off and spoil it for everyone but I would say the film had far more going for it than it had against it.

    Also, this is a movie made for IMAX and possibly the best use of 3D (which i normally find gimmicky) that I've ever seen. It's not obtrusive or in your face; there's nothing in 3D simply for the sake of being in 3D. It just goes to show that when you have a director of the caliber of Ridley Scott at the helm who can reel in the FX that 3D might have some potential after all.

    Personally I'd say see this at the theater just to say you'd seen it. If you hate the film you'll still come out completely amazed at least how well it's been put together.
  9. Sure feels like a prequel though, It could probably have done without Weyland corp and David droid and most of the other things referencing it to Aliens and would probably have been better rated by people.

    Their inclusion just leads to disappointment really.
  10. Just watched this earlier and like others said.. this is a pretty good sci-fi movie in its own right.. just brought back a little due to the random connections with Alien. For example, if they did like chi said, remove the whole Weyland story, as well as remove Charlize Theron's character (she really didn't have a purpose anyhow), that would simplify the story a bit and be less distracting. You leave David as an android for Weyland Corp. and that'd be fine.
  11. So what's your verdict Khaid, torrent or see in a theater?
  12. The movie is super high production and some of the scenes look awesome. I think you should make time in the weekend and do a matinee like I did. It's worth it in that case.

    Expect some plot holes.. apparently ridley scott was looking to answer them in a sequel.. if it happens.
  13. I remember when i saw Alien in the late 70's and remember when the Nostromo crew lands in this planet or moon and found this strange spaceship, it frightens me.