PS3 box pics

Discussion in 'monkeyCage' started by bfun, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. You working at a box factory today?
  2. Yeah. I'm working in a box factory today. I like boxes. They are better than balls which are round.
  3. I'd rather work in a ball factory, sounds more fun. You could have a kickabout at lunch, for example.
  4. A ball factory? I can only imagine the shenanigans that would take place there.
  5. complete entertainment bundle looks cool if it's less than 199 (it's probly 199 though huh?? :()

    otherwise I'm betting the Uncharted 3 bundle is 299... a decent deal but I'd get it for less. I hate all the move crap.

    you can just pick up an entertainment bundle, 320gb 2.5" sata drive, and uncharted 3 for the same price and go home with lbp2 le and ratchet and clank future (and a 160gb HD) for free!