PS3 Passes 360 in Worldwide Sale

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  1. The net seems to have exploded today with news from analysts claiming that the PS3 has passed the 360 in active install base.

    Now at this point I can't say for certain whether the news is true and I am sure a dozen new stories claiming how the 360 is still ahead will pop up but it is interesting.

    With active install base been the key phrase this would make sense as others have claimed for years that Microsoft has classed replaced RROD 360's as new sales.
  2. I don't think I'd put much faith in that.
  3. I also think it's too soon but I can see the PS3 overtaking the 360 sooner or later. If it wasn't for the 360's extra year or so the PS3 would already be way ahead.

  4. I think its been outselling the 360 by a bit worldwide but the last figures I saw showed it would take 3 years or so to overtake, if that rate continued. The year head start helped the 360 but that was MS's plan.

    I think things are pretty much set now. Maybe one console could have a late boost but I don't think it'll matter by then.
  5. Probably an April Fools Day joke.
  6. Good point but with them been neck and neck for a while now it's wouldn't be a too surprising joke.

  7. The Chair's real time console sales provide better info.
  8. If we're talking active install base steve's figures could be way out. It all comes down to the millions of RROD replacements and how Microsoft allocated them. Nobody seems to know whether they are down as units sold or not.

  9. Or like all the PS3 owners buying a second PS3 to jailbreak and play downloaded games on.
  10. I don't think there will be many of them but your point is mute.

    If a person buys a PS3 for legit games and a PS3 for pirate games he/she has still contributed 2 sales.

    If a person buys a 360 and it dies of RROD and Microsoft replace it for a new console it should only count as 1 sale. But how do Microsoft count it?

  11. No, for each PS3 that Sony sells, they'd like to see XX amound of games sold for each console. If a person buys two, and use one to pirate, one PS3 is sold without any games getting bought for it.
  12. Very good but we're talking console sales rather than attach rate.

  13. [​IMG]

    About 5 Million short still.

    And the RROD's won't be counted; they typically replaced a console with a refurbed machine. Refurb = 2nd hand. Then there's the fact that software attach rates are still much higher on the 360 and the incredible success of the Kinect too.
  14. This sounds almost ridiculous as even a point to bring up. Is it regular practice for any company to count a replacement to a customer as a sale?
  15. 5 million short, no chance. Not even VGChartz has the gap that big and that site is notorious for inflating 360 numbers.

    If anything I would say they are about even, you gotta remember that the PS3 will have a lot of sales where people have bought it as a Blu Ray player and media hub. My uncle did and has never bought a game. That's bad news for Sony because of attach rate but it's still a sale.
  16. According to an article on eurogamer the PS3 has indeed passed the 360.

    Of course nobody gives out definite answers but with all the recent news it does indicate that the PS3 is passed or about to pass the 360.

    This years line up can't hurt it's cause.