PS4: 720p vs 1080i

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  1. Always thought my TV was 1080p but it is 1080i. I was looking after my mates house all last week and my games looked much better on his massive 1080p TV. Whats better for me, 720p or 1080i for the looks department? I tried checking both out via in game but I am not sure.

  2. The reason ect?
  3. 1080i is interlaced. The vertical resolution is basically 540. It alternates what it displays between frames to create an effect that looks like the screen is being filled.


    720p has a vertical resolution of 720 and is progressive rather than interlaced, meaning it just fills the screen all the time and doesn't alternate between frames to fill the screen.

    720p looks better than 1080i.

    I doubt your TV is 1080i anyway unless it is very old, like from 2004-2006, and a tube TV or rear projection. It's probably a 720p LCD TV that can accept a 1080i signal. 1080i makes even less sense then because you won't even benefit from the added horizontal resolution (1920) that you would get from a 1080i set. You are just gimping your TV by using 1080i, setting it to interlace when it can display progressive.

    Your friend's TV looks better because it displays 1920x1080 all the time with no interlacing.
  4. Numerically 1080i has more pixels than 720p though....

    1,036,800 vs 921,600
  5. Not on a 720p set though. His horizontal resolution will only be 1280, 1360, or 1366 depending on the TV. And with the interlacing the resolution will be lower than 720p.

    I am not aware of any LCD TVs with a resolution of 1080i. He would have to be running an ancient CRT HDTV or projection HDTV. If it is from after 2006, I seriously doubt it is 1080i. Also a lot of those old CRT HDTVs didn't actually display the full 1920 horizontal resolution. It was something lower and they scaled the input.
  6. lol I misread the OP.

    Your friends TV looks better because it's 1080p... roughly twice the pixel count of 720p/1080i.

    I'd stick with 720p also for reasons monkey mentioned.
  7. What's the model of your TV? Do you have the manual or a sticker on the back you can get the model no. from?
  8. Samsung LE32R74BDX/XEU
  9. The picture quality should be good on your TV as well. You using a PS4? How is it connected? Have you played with the setting on the TV? Calibrated it? Turn off auto dimming if it's on.
  10. Cmdrmonkey pretty much called it... the max resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels according to the product info.

    You're gonna wanna set PS4 to 720p instead of 1080i.
  11. I called it the other week!
  12. It's like it's 2004 all over again
  13. yeah I have played around with the PS4 settings and stuff.

    Will need to save up for a 1080p TV but that won't be for a while as I have a lot of bills and crap at the moment as well as new games.