PS4 vs. X1 controllers

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by ali_f, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Ali_f got an early present. A PS4!!! Mostly am maxing out with Pro evolution 2015
  2. Has anyone here even got an X1 seriously? We used to have some balance but it is all PS4 this gen.

    Maybe I should buy one, must be something to do on it?
  3. I'm gonna tell your wife
  4. The forum is all Playstation and PC people at this point.
  5. I can't believe I used to own all 3 consoles in previous generations. Seems like a colossal waste of money and time, looking back.
  6. Unless you have unlimited free time it seems better to concentrate on just one system. If I were going to get a console it'd probably be an X1 just because I like the controller 225% more than a PS controller.
  7. Dual shock 4 is a fabulous controller, have you tried it?
  8. I also owned all three consoles last gen and a gaming PC. This time around, I've taken the money I would have spent on consoles and thrown it into an uber PC with a GTX 980 and RAID0 SSDs. I'm much happier. I've come to terms with the fact that consoles never seem to hold my attention for long and just end up seeming like a waste of money for me. I doubt I'll buy another one. PC gamer 4 life homie.

    Though on the console side of the fence, it's a pretty easy choice this generation. The PS4 has the best hardware, best controller, and best selection of games. Unless you're some kind of pathetic fanboi, I'm not really sure why you'd buy an Xbone or Wii U.
  9. Nope but it looks like a PS3 controller.

    Because Xbone controller is better.
  10. It's really not though. I thought the PS4 controller was great when I tried it. Probably the best console controller I've used. It looks similar to previous PS controllers but has a different feel.

    Though all console controllers suck ass compared to a good keyboard and mouse.
  11. I got big hands. The PS3 controller always felt petite. I tried an X360 controller for the first time about a year ago and loved it. I got one fort my PC now.
  12. Early into the X360 generation I used to play a lot of Halo3 and CoD:MW1-2 with old HS/College friends. It didn't last long though, we all became busy and got too difficult to coordinate. The 3 europeans here seem to still be able to pull it off... but socialists only work 4 minutes a week. If you're gonna play with strangers, PC is the way to go.

    Also, I agree with Bfun. The Dualshock has been consistently worse than the Xbox controller. It's much smaller and cramps my hands in < 1 hour. That said I haven't tried the latest gen.
  13. The dual shock 4 is much beefier than previous ones.

    Now now Supersonic, I will have you know I work a full 35 hours a week and only get around 36 days off per year!
  14. My own personal experience with the PS4 controller is that it stacks up pretty well vs. the 360 controller in terms of feel/comfort. Only gripes so far are the material used for the pads on the thumbsticks (left one literally disintegrated playing NBA2K14) and the amount of time they hold a charge (seems to drain faster than what I remember with the 360 rechargeable)....and the supplied charge cord is too short.
  15. The XBone controller actually feels smaller than the X360 controller. How do you take what many considered the pinnacle of gamepads and take a step backwards? Seems like a fool's move.

    The PS4 controller is the biggest evolution of any of the Playstation generations and it's probably one of the best feeling gamepads I've ever used. Anyone who doesn't go Playstation this time around didn't do their homework. The only advantage XBone has is its media functions, which are non-existent on the PS4 at this time.
  16. Every time I go back to play on my PS3 the controllers I've been used to using for almost 20 years now just feel like cheap poorly made toys compared to the PS4 pad. The PS4 pad just feels like it's of a higher quality than the last gen stuff, although the choice to use a grease/sweat inducing material for the tops of the analogue sticks baffles me to this day, the old material was was much better and less slippy.

    I've always found it odd when people say that a certain controller gives them hand cramps or otherwise hurts their hands. I always assume they must be doing it wrong because I've never suffered any pain from holding a controller. People say "Oh I prefer the Xbox because the controller doesn't hurt my hand like the PS one does" and I'm like "How the hell are you holding the thing?" I do sometimes see people playing with a dual shock and they have the "wings" of the controller thrust deep into the palms of their hands, if that's how some people are holding it no wonder they're getting cramps, having to arch their fingers around a controller like that. I've always found it's best to have the wings resting just past the underside of the knuckles if that makes sense. The slightly looser grip prevents any excess craning of the fingers.

    Maybe it's the controllers themselves that are to blame but I've used so very many different controllers over the years, all of them extensively and not once have I ever had my hand cramp up while playing, even during extremely lengthy play sessions.
  17. Ha! I guess I've been holding it wrong for 20 years... I need to see a YT demonstration. I still prefer the joystick placement on the XB controller. PS had the better d-pad though.

    It's all speculation this gen as I'm still on 360/PS3.
  18. Xbox 360 controller gave me cramps in my left thumb