PSone games on PS store

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Fusion, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Has anyone bought any PSone game from PS store?

    How do they play? How much HDD space do they take? Around a full CD worth or less? I only have a 40GB PS3 and I'm full of questions!

    I'm also curious about graphics improvements. Is it just like PS2 where you have the option to enable bilinear filtering (texture blurring) or are higher resolutions and even wide-screen supported?

    I'm thinking about picking up Oddworld: Abes Oddyssee for nostalgic purposes as well as Abe's Exoddus since I never played that one. Future Cop: LAPD was another game I loved purely for a certain multiplayer mode which was fantastic, so I may buy that one too.

    Most other games available in my region don't interest me. I would buy Twisted Metal 2 if it were available in my region as well as Wipeout 2097 if it were available at all. FFVIII and IX interest me as well but are both too expensive. Crash Bandicoot I was considering since it brings back good memories but I doubt I'd spend much time with it.

    So what's the verdict? How do these games play on PS3, and are there any other games I should consider?
  2. I have a few and they work quite well. The bigger games like FFIX take up around 2GB but remember they were on 4 disks. Rayman takes up about 110MB so it really does depend on
    how big the game was in the first place.

    The only issue I have is when starting the game. Not sure if you can choose which disk to start with so when I load up FFIX if I am on disk 3 I have to load game, then choose change disk and tell it which disk to use, would be easier to choose disk 3 from the start.

    The PS3 does add some graphic options which you find by pressing the PS button in game but it doesn't do anything as drastic as PSX emulators which really make a difference.

    Make sure you set up a PS1 memory card in the memory card options of XMB too and assign it to slot 1 or 2.
  3. As far as I know, they don't offer any extra graphic improvements over disc PS1 games so maybe give that a go with a random game and see what you think.
  4. There us a texture filter option and an upscale option but it doesn't increase the rendering resolution, just the final image.
  5. Thanks guys, I was expecting texture filtering and upscaling to be about as far as it went so it looks like I was right. That sounds reasonable.

    Grim, the disc changing thing and having to set up a memory card seems a bit stupid, I would have thought they'd have automated all that. Thanks for the heads up on those issues.

    If I can find some of my old PSX games I may try an emulator, but I really have no clue where they are so that's probably not an option. I may just buy one game and try it out as monsly said. I'll see if I can get the Oddworld games on PC since needing a gamepad isn't really required for those games.