PVC Steam IDs

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  1. Per the request of monsly I have created this list of Steam IDs. I'll try to add names and IDs to this first post as they come in.

    AKS: AKS1
    ali_f: The F1ghter
    Alpolio: Alpolio
    Arande: Wrathsama
    Armadeadn: harperlarp
    Armitage: Armitage_PVC
    bfun: bfun
    cmdrmonkey: Cmdrmonkey
    Encryptedmind: encryptedmind
    Fusion: RedVenison111
    Hawk4x4: hawk4x4 (Ginger_Balls)
    HellRipper: gogogocounterstrike
    Knowname: Pdraggy
    lumzi23: lumzi23
    Lycantrophy: Arunia81
    monsly: monsly
    mustangSVT: mustangsvtcobra
    RedDead: Stalker 43
    sonubest85: Sonu01
    superSONIC: don.karnage
  2. Ive registered here now with HellRipper, not the 22. It was cause on the previous forum i couldnt activate ;)
  3. Can you register Steam IDs with an alias? I've never tried. If anyone wants to add me, my actual ID is hawk4x4 but my current alias is Ginger_balls.
  4. So whats the dealio with ginger_balls? Is that some kind of cookie or a genetic anomaly?
  5. How about you put them in your mouth and find out.
  6. Well I can't deny that your logic is sound.
  8. I wanted to be very anonymous when I first got Steam because I suck so bad at CS. Ginger Balls was a nickname given to Murray in an episode of Flight of the Conchords, he is my icon on Steam as well.

    Now all of your minds can stop wondering. I'm not a ginger with read hair balls.
  9. I'm not on steam much atm but I'm sure I will be again in the future.

    My ID is:

    I'll be sure to add you guys once I start playing online games again, I do live in Australia though, so I rarely play on anything besides local servers. It just depends on the game I guess!
  10. Is it really that bad over there? Heard that EA doesnt host any BC2 servers in Australia, players allways have lag. Wonder if thats for every game.
  11. ISP's host servers mainly, so as long as you play a fairly popular game it's just fine. To get good speeds you only really have the option to play people from AUS/NZ.
  12. PVC Steam Group stats for the week.

    Gameplay Stats
    Steam Rating: 3.5

    Playing time: 211.5 hrs this week

    Member Avg: 11.1 hrs past 2 weeks

    MLB® Front Office Manager
    67.8 hrs

    Mass Effect 2
    65.5 hrs

    Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® II
    43.3 hrs
  13. Ha! What kind of loser spends that much time playing Mass Effect 2?

    EDIT: Oh, uh, disregard that last statement...this individual's incredible dedication to gaming should be greatly admired.
  14. MLB® Front Office Manager
    67.8 hrs

    knowname has that title all to himself

  15. You might be sharing that stat with Andrew but I think we need to get knowname some help.
  16. Is there something particularly wrong with this MLB thing?
  17. It's just a sim General Manager of a baseball team.
  18. Sounds... Fun
  19. I concur Chi, it most definitely sounds fun; almost as fun as staring at a blank wall.

    Also, I see lots of forum members with DoW 2. I reckon you guys should give it a go more often; maybe play a match or two with me or some co-op.
  20. Management games can be pretty damn sweet. Champ/Football Manager took plenty of hours from me back in the day. Ronaldinho playing for Saints in his prime? Ghahaha! I was AWESOME.