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  2. Never played it but there is a large group of people that really like it. From what I've read Stalker 2 was supposed to fix many of the bugs.
  3. What bugs would those be anyway?
  4. Quests that glitch and prevent you from continuing the game. Save often or you're screwed. Some of the quests also have unclear objectives, and everything is in broken English or Russian, so who knows what the fuck you're supposed to be doing half the time.

    It's a terrible game. There's a reason you can often find it for literally $1 to $2. It's bargain bin tripe, but I think some people are so desperate for a PC exclusive that they'll play anything.
  5. Whats this like then? I was browsing around the site a minute ago and it interested me. Tons of great games to choose from. Do you just sign up, buy and the game is yours forever? And do you start up the game from the site or do you just download it?
  6. Download the steam application and register. When you buy the game, you'll need to download it to your pc.
  7. Technically it's not yours it's only yours to play. Basically your selling your soul for an extra 15% discount. Steam often has big sales though as well. But still all you get is a download. If you play it you can't gift it, also it's less "consumer friendly" (or "fool proof") than I'd like. If you d/l a game you are stuck with it. Many older games don't work with Win7 so.... you do have to do your homework. It supposedly has that information somewhere on the game's profile page but... I'd not seen it :/ I'd not really looked though.

    BUT you can D/L your steam client (or log onto your steam account) on up to 5 different PCs or Macs simultaneously, but only 1 at a time. Giving EACH machine access to your games! There's not many questions asked, you can "share" your games that way :) BUT as I said only one computer can log in at any one time (it'll kick you off if someone trys to sign on). And I'm not sure how it works for Macs.... probly limits access to only games that have a mac version.

    Again not every game works. It stinks :(
  8. oh, and certain games CAN be physically bought, registered via your steam account, and forever downloadable via steam! That way you can share your games after you beat them :).


    the install client sometimes automatically does it for you :) that way you don't have to D/L it either.

    Amazon, Games For Windows Live (needed for some steam games ironically), various other parties (XBL/ XBA, Sony etc) ofc have similar services but Steam is the most common by far
  9. Weird, I thought all games bought can be forever downloaded if need be?
  10. they can... I think :) unless somebody else is using your registration key, and depending on DRM (a few games have them). You can also 'back them up'. I've never used that feature.

    BTW by saying 'they can be physically bought'. I meant they can be physically bought ELSEWHERE, Steam does not sell games on media. Perhaps they can also be backed up? Where did you see 'the downloaded games can't be d/led forever'? I did say that some games just don't work with Win7.... but even than they'll let you d/l it.
  11. ah, phisix, you are not well versed in friesian. but somewhere in all of that is a hidden message that you can constantly download if you erase it. but as pdraggy also mentioned in the past, some games have the nasty securom drm and limit the amount of times you can activate your game.
  12. fricken eh dude :|
  13. Not well versed? I don't know what the hell friesian is. :p

    No worries. I just read the post wrong.
  14. Yes you can download them forever after youve bought em. You just have to install Steam/create an account, and you can buy and download games, which you can access and install/download unlimited amount of time.

    Patches are being installed and downloaded automaticly, and in your case with your ATI card, it will be updated automaticly too to the right drivers.

    Steam got a very solid and stablfe platform, ive bin using it since 2004 and it only got better. Just try it, theres tons of free mods for the Valve games aswel, aviable via Steam.
  15. Some of the names can't be found when added in steam. Still trying to add you guys. :)
    Currently totally into Team Fortress 2 and sometimes Left 4 Dead 2.
  16. I just noticed that CS has a option to add a clan prefix to the player name. When I checked it added PVC to my user name.
  17. I got San Andreas from steam the other day but I can't seem to find the folder containing the files on my computer? Is there an easy way to do so?

    p.s. yes I tried the search function in the windows start menu.
  18. I'm trying to play Max Payne but even when I have the graphics set to max they look bad. I know it's an old game but I remember it looking better than this. Also there's no music and the muzzle flashes from the guns have a slight green tint, any ideas on how to remedy these problems?
  19. you tryin to install the hot coffee mod you cheeky bgger you?
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