Rage: PS3 Vs Xbox 360

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by chairmansteve, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Xbox 360 wins again.

  2. This game had shitty reviews, so saying one version is better than the other is kind of like saying that crap smells better than shit.
  3. PC version is the worst of them all!Hahaha! Great going Carmack :(
  4. Rage received a perfect 10 out of 10 for graphics from IGN.

    Rage - 10
    Crysis 2 - 9.5
    Gears 3 - 9.0
  5. How's the gameplay?
  6. It's meant to be good but nothing amazing.
  7. All bar one of my friends have said this was very disappointing. That it was a fantastic looking game but offered nothing new in terms of game mechanics and from what I've seen I'd agree. Anything less than nightmare difficulty and you can expect, at most, 10 hours of gameplay out of this.