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  1. Beta codes supposedly work for all platforms.


    Don't know much about it but it looks like your typical Rainbow Six game. Fun but not amazing.

  2. What was with the stupid swat team jargon? Nobody talks like this while playing online.
  3. havoc got some pro mlg l33t skillz. the voiceover is probably the same people that did the voices in the division.

    the game's graphics got lowered a notch unsurprisingly as this is an ubi game. they also announced that they put terrorist hunt back in the game just this past e3. so all rainbow six nutheads are excited. i probably spent the most of my multiplayer time in terrorist hunt realism difficulty in r6 vegas 2. so excited for this title.
  4. I'm guessing that video does not represent realism difficulty.
  5. I believe khaid talks like this.

    There must be a big swat team role playing market for them to keep making these.
  6. Re: RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE closed Beta

    this is actually the surprise unveil video ubi showed at the end of their presentation back in 2014's e3. nobody even knew this game was in development at that time. similar to the ghost recon treatment they gave at this year's e3.

    this video is just showing 2 human teams playing against each like counter-strike. terrorists vs counter-terrorists.

    I don't know enough military terms to say stuff like this so I keep it simple. like faggot behind that wall. cocksucker got me upstairs.
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    I think the trick is to relay all positions of things as time.

    Stuff like, "target is at a quarter to two" and "you've got a dangler at six thirty seven"
  8. This will devolve into running in the front door + spray and pray.
  9. From all the gameplay videos I've seen, nobody has reverted to that since it doesn't work and you're limited on ammo.. it doesn't look like you can pick up guns on the ground. There's always at least one person on each team leading with the shield. The rainbow six games have tended to keep it alot more tactical than other shooters like counter-strike etc.

    In other words, the crowd that gravitates towards cod and battlefield will hate rainbow six/ghost recon and vice versa.
  10. Also 12 year old teammates who shoot the hostages while yelling "die faggot!"
  11. Which is then followed by people yelling "who shot the hostages" which is followed by "player xyz was kicked".
  12. So if it's a tactical game, why didn't they extract the hostage through the open window right off the bat? No reason to get everyone killed going through the rest of the house, and the last remaining guy just ends up running with the hostage towards the same open window.
  13. because it's a game. /thread
  14. RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE closed Beta

    I bought this game near launch earlier this month and got murdered doing lone wolf in terrorist hunt. i had a friend that was looking to get it but told him to hold off for a possible sale on steam. lo and behold steam really did put it on sale on this winter sale. currently $45.

    We played a few round of terrorist hunt and got murdered a few times. but we're good enough to beat normal on protect hostage, extract hostage, and classic terrorist hunt. disarm bomb is super rough though. the guns feel good and you get wrecked if you get wreckless.