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Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by supersonic, Dec 18, 2014.

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  1. I've been reading about SEO after we started v4. But since we started as a emergency fly by night operations with no plan, it turns out we've done almost everything wrong.

    Since 6 people that make up 180% of all posters, I was just curious if you guys think we should try some of the simpler SEO initiatives? Or just let it roll as is?

    I have the next 3 weeks off starting today and could potentially work off the meat sweets revamping the site.

    *Note: I reserve the right to do jack fucking shit, regardless of feedback.
  2. Could go for it, if it's not too much bother so I vote yes AND fuck you. Merry christmas!
  3. If only I knew what that was I could provide some kind of meaningful input.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation.

    They want us to come up high in the rankings so that new people can join us, but....

  5. Must've done. I know I found this place whilst searching for the name of an old game.

    Also, it's really annoying that clicking the logo sends me to that bloody tombstone.
  6. It took over 5 weeks but this project is done. Front page is complete, large threads have been split off, and I just submitted the site to Googlebot.

    We are scoring 86% for SEO up from 30% on v4. Not that it will matter, I don't anticipate anyone but spammers showing up once we get indexed.

    In conclusion, fuck you guys, I'm washing my hands of it. Cmdrmonkey can have it back.
  7. I think I speak for all of us when I say good job and...

  8. Why do you keep changing the name of this place?
  9. On Tapatalk it's gone from the original name to neopvc and now neopvc - PVCF 5th edition
  10. If there was an award for SEO and it was given to anybody but me, Kanye West would rush the stage. We've been indexed for about 10 days on Google and Analytics. Excluding the regulars and bots, they've sent 58 new visitors here from N. America and Cont. Europe. Of that, 92% click through the front page to the forum (suck it alterego). The forum has a 68% bounce rate on the board index. I actually didn't consider the obvious fact that people would come here and not register.

    Thus, we have scientific proof that I am awesome, but you guys are boring the shit out of the internet. We need a gimmick, like Grim holding daily lectures on personal finance. Or Cmdrmonkey expounding on fecal fan fiction as an art form.
  11. We need registration gifts and bonuses like make one post get two free.
  12. Well the Captcha can't be putting people off as they would have to sign up to realise that one existed and no one has done so since CaptainScarlet.
  13. Here is how we get 100% of our outside traffic since you're all curious cats:.

    - Breaking Bad GOAT (page 1 ranking on google)
    - PSN Gamercards? (page 2 ranking on google)
    - Bfun's IMAX thread (listed page 1 ranking, I've never found it at all)
    - Apple BBC documentary (page 4 ranking)
    - Bfun's Dragons Age thread (pages ranks all over somehow 3/4/5/6)

    I suspect Bfun's latest headline grabber smartphone thread will be up there soon. We also have like 8000 incoming links from AnandTech for some reason.
  14. The people from Anandtech probably point at us and laugh on their own forums.
  15. What does incoming links mean? I'm sure we've linked to some of their hardware articles.
  16. Links from AnandTech to here numbering in the several thousands...

    It backfired so the jokes on them! The more 'prestigious' sites that link us the better we rank. I should try to sneak a link here on some obscure wikipedia topic...
  17. That's really strange. My account at anandtech dates back to January 2002. I added a link to when chair opened up the forum in my sig at anandtech. Then I changed it to when you opened that domain. Even if it accounted for every post i made at anandtech, I only have 699 posts in their forum.
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