Religious Studies 101: Islam

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  1. Must you always be such an insufferable SJW? You even have to ruin a discussion about Star Trek?

    We already had an Arab character, Dr Julian Bashir on DS9.

    I would hope that in the future, humanity would have advanced to where something as barbaric as Islam is no longer a thing and is just a historical footnote.
  2. LOL...Gene Roddenberry's most basic social justice ideas for the show are over your head.
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    Apparently it's over your head because Islam goes against everything social justice stands for. You are defending people who burn women alive when they refuse to become sex slaves.

    They also set a 2 year old girl on fire:

    I don't understand social justice because I don't support a religion that encourages slavery, rape, and murder? A religion that has people murdering children in the most brutal way possible?

    Maybe I think humanity is better than Islam. Until we stop denying that this religion is toxic, that can't happen. Islam is absolutely evil. And it's sick that you are defending this shit just to make some cheap political point against a Republican candidate.
  4. A better title for this thread would be:

    I-S-I-S Does Not Spell I-S-L-A-M
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    ISIS is Islam in its purest form. Everything they do is straight out of the Koran.

    The mental gymnastics required to say that the ISLAMIC State has nothing to do with ISLAM are truly astounding. I don't think my brain is capable of having that level of cognitive dissonance. I'm impressed that you can support something that is completely contradictory to everything you supposedly believe in.
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    Alterego is basically like Douchefleck in this interview. He either doesn't understand what he is defending or is terrified of seeming racist (even though Islam is not a race).

    Also Bill Maher is about as liberal as it gets. So saying this is some right wing idea is idiotic. You are defending people who oppose everything you believe in and want to kill you. If you really believe in liberal ideals then stand up for them. Stand up to Islamic fundamentalism.

  7. What does 'and living there at the moment' mean?
  8. Bloody auto correct, was supposed to be 'sod'. Was hoping monkey and alterego would bite, no luck :-(
  9. The mental gymnastics required to differentiate between extremist forms of religion and their mainstream counterparts is slightly above a flat line. Do you think the Westboro Baptist Church is the "purest form" of Christianity because it's "straight from the Bible"? Or do you think they're extremists who have bastardized the religion for their own control purposes?

    Can cmdrmonkey achieve a mental state higher than a coma or a box of rocks? Stay tuned...
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    Yes I do. Westboro is one of the purest forms of Christianity I've seen. What they do is straight out of the Bible. They don't pick and choose. They are actually following what's in the Bible. They are taking things that the majority of Christians believe, like that gays are going to hell, and taking them to the extreme. The majority of Christians basically agree with the things they believe, they just aren't going to join a hate group because of them. Except they just troll people with stupid signs. I'm not aware of them crucifying, beheading, setting anyone on fire, or taking sex slaves.

    So pure Islam is far worse than pure Christianity at this point in time. The level of hate and violence is far worse than what we are seeing out of Christianity right now, but both are potentially dangerous if they try to push theocracy.

    Westboro and ISIS are both excellent examples of why religion is dumb. If you follow religion to the letter based on what is actually in the Koran or the Bible, you could become a head chopping Jihadist or someone who holds obnoxious, homophobic signs at funerals.

    I go through no mental gymnastics. "Moderate" religious people at best are just picking and choosing aspects of a hateful and superstitious ideology rather than accepting the whole thing. Or they believe it but aren't living by it. I'd rather not be involved in a hateful ideology like Christianity or Islam at all. Anyone who still believes in religion is a moron and I think a lot less of them to be honest. Believing in religion shows that you are gullible, weak-minded, and probably fall for all kinds of other scams. Because that's all religion is, a scam to control people and take their money. Some are more obvious about it, like Scientology, but it's all the same shit really.
  11. Most of the west has left religion behind and US is transitioning away from it.

    I would say most people in the US cherry pick their religion and practice whats convenient. That applies to Christianity, Islam, and all the other religions. With actual opportunities and options, the need for unconditional faith is overblown.

    Looking at countries with Islamic Law, you see the actual intent of any religion. To enslave their believers to benefit the ruling class. In the west, it's easier to enslave people with corporations and banking debt.
  12. Box of rocks achieved. Coma is setting the bar too high, apparently, as that would involve some level of brain activity. Do you know what the Lord's Prayer is? The New Testament? Anything that Jesus said in the Bible? It's completely obvious that Westboro is ignoring everything that doesn't suit their goals, just like ISIS or the KKK. You don't have to be religious to understand that.
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    For every Lord's Prayer, I could quote about ten things from the Old Testament that are violent and hateful. Westboro doesn't pick and choose.

    Religion is a shit sandwich. I'm not going to eat the shit sandwich just because somebody made it with really good bread. I'm also not going to pick the bread off the shit sandwich, because it was still touching shit.

    Look, even National Socialism had some good aspects, despite overall being a hateful and violent ideology that killed millions. Should we suddenly start tolerating neo-Nazis because Hitler's followers made advances in animal welfare and science?
  14. Sod can be installed and live almost anywhere, not just France.
  15. Indeed. You're supposed to tolerate neo-Nazis, WBC, Islamic radicals, Christian fundamentalists, etc...

    Believing something isn't a crime.
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    I used "tolerate" when I meant to use the word "accept." And those are two very, very different things. We can tolerate all kinds of awful ideas. People are free to believe whatever they want. But we don't have to accept those ideas. We live in a society with free speech and free thought where not only can people believe what they want but we can also challenge bad ideas with ideas of our own. And fundamentalist Islam is the mother of all bad ideas. All we have to do to know it's a bad idea is to look at Muslim countries, which are the biggest shitholes on the planet. If Muslims would stop trying to violently impose their religion on others, I could tolerate it, but I will never accept it because it's abhorrent garbage.
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    lol, she was raised Muslim and feels the same way I do.

    Alterego will probably argue that she has internalized bigotry and is full of self hatred. I think it's rather that she knows all too well what Islam is about and has rejected it. She even says ISIS are the most devout Muslims in the world.

    A subreddit of other ex-Muslims speaking out against Islam: