Religious Studies 101: Islam

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    Jesus: bronze age hippy carpenter who believed in peace, love, forgiveness, and doing good works.

    Muhammad: medieval warlord who murdered, raped, pillaged, and enslaved (including taking sex slaves). Enjoyed raping a 9 year old girl named Aisha who he kept as a wife.

    Unlike Jesus, Muhammad is a very poor role model who embodies the worst aspects of humanity.

    Islam is a cult of personality for a bloodthirsty medieval Arabian warlord that we're still dealing with 1400 years later.

    ISIS's behavior is an excellent representation of the prophet and how he lived.
  2. @alterego

    That speech was a brilliant piece of political propaganda, but it doesn't change what Islam is actually about or that we need to be very careful about who we let in from Muslim countries.
  3. What was their son doing in Iraq?
  4. Yup. The fundamentals of the religions are implacable with western civilisation. I always thought this quote by Samuel Huntington was poignant. Written many many years ago.

    "Islam's borders are bloody and so are its innards. The fundamental problem for the West is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is Islam, a different civilisation whose people are convinced of the superiority of their culture and are obsessed with the inferiority of their power"
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  5. Of course, the problem with comparing/contrasting Muhammad and Jesus is that Muslims consider Jesus to be a prophet of Islam as well, just like Abraham, Moses, etc.

    Is it really that hard to do basic research for this stuff? Nope.
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    You seem to think I wasn't aware of that. Jesus is a minor prophet in Islam. They reject his divinity and reject the crucifixion and resurrection. He's a footnote basically. Muslims live by the example set by Muhammad, not Jesus.

    Nice way to dance around Muhammad and who he actually was though. You're still being willfully ignorant about what Islam is actually about, because you know it's all pretty morally repugnant. How do you reconcile that Muhammad was a bloodthirsty warlord and a child rapist with the idea that Islam is a religion of peace? Muslims consider Muhammad the ultimate example of morality and how one should live ones life. When you look at Muhammad, who he was, and what he did, it's obvious why ISIS do what they do. They want to live just like their prophet. Every time they behead an apostate or take a Yazidi girl as a sex slave, they are living by the example set by Muhammad.

    Imagine if a cult of personality set up to celebrate some blood thirsty tyrant like Stalin, Hitler, or Kim Jong Un and control his followers still survived 1400 years later. That's Islam in a nutshell. In addition to all of those other terrible traits, Muhammad was also one of history's greatest conmen. He duped everyone into believing a bunch of bullshit so they'd be easier to control, and they still believe it now.
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    Hmmm cult of personality, middle eastern descent, brilliant conman, terrible human being, megalomaniac, liked treating women badly.

    Muhammad sounds suspiciously like another fellow you idolize.

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  8. You can fling plenty of shit st many religions; the conflating of ISIS with all of Islam is reductionist garbage. I wonder if the growth of ISIS might be down to anything else? Best off not thinking about that, it's too complicated. Pretty sure we haven't been complicit in making things much worse, oh no. It's the Islams, that's what it is. It's only gotten so much worse in recent times because...hmm...who cares, it's the Islams.

    Perhaps we can add this exciting insight into other religions next; how about those Hindus? Or Sikhs? Pretty sure we can get some mileage out of them too, if we work together. We can start on their crazy animal gods and their use of arranged marriages. So backwards!
  9. Nope.. for the past 1400 yrs Islam has always been expansionist. They expanded and invaded most of Europe the Moor invasions of Spain are a perfect example of this. The caliphates wanted to suppress scientific development and philosophy.
    Christianity Evolved.. you can see where Islam failed in its inclusivity:

    Hitchens also nails why Islam incites Violence
  10. Don't understand the sarcasm. Forced marriages are oppressive and take away individual freedom.
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    Escaped Yazidi women talk about sexual slavery at the hands of ISIS:

    No idea how anyone can defend this shit. It's barbaric. It's genocide. Beautiful, innocent young women being enslaved, tortured, and raped by monsters who killed their families.

    We need to kill every last one of these ISIS motherfuckers.

    Monsly would you like to tell this young woman that we should just tolerate these men who raped her and killed her family? Because we're just bigots who don't understand a different religion, right?

  12. My sarcasm was more aimed at the level of intellectualism here and some rampant hypocrisy when it comes to religion. I can see how that was confusing though.
  13. You seem confused. Where have I defended ISIS?
  14. LOL...standard cmdrmonkey thread pattern complete. Resorting to trolling as an attempt to cover up your own ignorance/contradictions.
  15. Unless you find people defending barbaric practices in other religions there is no hypocrisy. The general discussion has been about Islam, pointing to another relligion is not a valid defense. It's a red herring.

  16. I don't think many will catch that reference.
  17. Nice straw man you've got there. The general discussion has been about whether or not Islam as a whole is barbaric and constitutes a substantial threat that would require bans. So if cmdrmonkey and others are unable to come up with much of anything other than screaming about ISIS and extremist groups, then it' s pretty easy to see how that qualifies as hypocrisy.
  18. It is barbaric and has not evolved in 1500 years. Their shit piece propaganda machine seems to very effective. Do you really think the 1 billion practitioners living in 3rd world dumps are freely practicing Islam or are they enslaved by it?

    Religion of Peace