Religious Studies 101: Islam

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  1. So what do you suggest we do, we can't carry on as we are and we certainly can't pretend that there isn't a problem.

    There's nothing wrong with being tolerant but at the very least you should check who you are letting into your country. You wouldn't let known killers and rapists into your house so why let them into your country.
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    Exactly. It's hard to even call Islam a religion. It's a cult of personality and totalitarian ideology started by a medieval Arabian warlord to subjugate people. It's so good at oppressing and subjugating people that those in power in Islamic countries are still using it to control people 1000+ years later. Islam is diametrically opposed to everything the left is supposed to stand for: free speech, free thought, women's rights. gay rights, freedom of religion. Liberals should be condemning Islam, not defending it.

    I am generally left leaning, but I can see Islam for the abhorrent garbage that it is. Anyone who says ISIS doesn't represent Islam is either misinformed or being disingenuous for the sake of political correctness. ISIS are some of the most devout Muslims on the planet. They want to live their lives as murdering, raping, pillaging barbarians just like their prophet.

    We should be very careful about who we let in from Muslim countries. Many of them are trying to escape the oppression of Islam and find a better life in the West. But plenty of others have been drinking the Koolaid and want to bring that violent, hateful bullshit here and impose it on us.

    Unlike Christianity, which is a mixed bag of good and bad qualities, Islam has literally no redeeming qualities. It is an ideology of violence, hatred, oppression, and deception. Muhammed was a murderous pedophile who embodied the very worst traits of humanity. Islam is an ideology of pure evil started by an extremely evil man.
  3. I've seen in my life time that Islam has reversed both animal rights and womens rights progress without any opposition from the left who should be condemning it.

    Halal slaughter is barbaric and causes tremendous suffering but as it is done in the name of a religion then it's permitted. Women are treated as posessions and certainly not equals, look at honour killings for crying out loud, it's shameful.

    I truly believe that there is no such thing as radical Islam, only levels of adherence. If you think about it those called radicals actually follow the religion closer than those we call moderates. Ironically they are better muslims.
  4. lol at Hillary Clinton trying to make herself out to be some kind of champion of women's and gay rights when she takes tens of millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Arabia, a country where women are property and gays are executed.
  5. It's an archaic, intolerant, political-legal-religious hybrid ideology that allows rulers to enslave people. They need to split religion from government to make progress in that region. The west has some serious culpability since we help loot their natural resources by doing business with barbaric overlords. But there will be little progress while elitists like alterego and monsly feel empowered by their tolerance of intolerance.
  6. I'm just waiting for alterego to give one of his fan favorite lectures about how we are bigots and right wing extremists.
  7. Iran before the 1979 revolution.

  8. In other words, Islam managed to set women's rights back 1,000+ years in Iran.

    Women went from being near equals in pre-revolution Iran to being property/sex slaves.
  9. I think these pictures show people that were willing to embracing western culture when given the chance. A few religious zealots changed the course of history.
  10. True but we don't want them to change our history as well do we?
  11. you're a big "women's rights" advocate? What happened to your criticism of faux outrage and political correctness?
  12. I suggest you not apply double-standards. Are there Christian murderers, rapists, and terrorists? Yes, there are. The United States is full of them and so is the UK. Human nature is the same as it's always been. Trying to point the finger at one religion as the source of the problem is, in fact, Nazism. There's no difference in blaming Islam for your problems vs. blaming Judaism for your problems. It's a dead end. Already been tried, with disastrous results for everyone involved. Learn something from history.
  13. There may well be Christians and Jews committing acts of terrorism but are they doing it in the name of their religion or are they just sick puppies?

    Muslims are definitely committing acts of terrorism in the name of Islam, of that there is no doubt and they are doing it on a much larger scale currently than any other religion.

    I don't have personal problems that I blame on Islam, the world has massive problems undoubtedly caused by Islam. The difference between you and I is that when you look back on world war 2 you liken the muslims to the jews when to be more accurate you should be likening them to the nazis. ISIS have practically wiped out the Yazidi people, thtat behaviour is more akin to the nazis then the jews.

    When discussing matters such as terrorism and grooming gangs I often find people use such terrible excuses like "well there are Christian terrorists" and "white people commit the highest number of rapes" as if they are saying 2 wrongs make a right and we should just leave it alone. It's that kind of apathy that is allowing islam to spread like the virus it is.
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    I don't hate women or want them to be treated as sex slaves or property if that's what you mean. You are defending people who do those things to women. You must be a huge misogynist. Whereas I think women should be treated as equals. No more (as feminists would want) and no less (as Muslims would want).

    I would suggest googling "Yazidi Women" to get an idea of how your Muslim buddies like to treat women in areas they've conquered. Or reading up on how Saudi Arabia punishes rape victims with prison, whippings, and sometimes death for "seducing" men. Women in Saudi Arabia can't drive, can't vote, must cover from head to toe in public, and their husbands literally own them like property. This is fairly typical of how women are treated in the Muslim world. The rape gangs we are now seeing in Europe are entirely unsurprising if you understand how women are regarded in the Muslim world. This shit makes Trump look like a radical third wave feminist by comparison.

    Feminists in the West like to rail on about rape culture and oppression that mostly exists only in their own minds. Islamic countries are literal rape cultures where women are sex objects with no rights who exist only for the pleasure of men. This is straight out of the Koran and the life of Muhammad, with his multiple wives and many sex slaves, including his favorite 9 year old child bride Aisha.
  15. Sure...Donald Trump saying that he liked to kiss/grope women at will because he was a celebrity is a figment of everyone's imagination. And it's also a figment of imagination that the vast majority of rape accusations in the U.S. aren't investigated. The military doesn't like to do it. Colleges don't like to do it. The police department doesn't like to do it. Case in point: the GOP doesn't even want to allow women who have been raped to have access to "morning after" medications or to abortions. They think it's a great idea to force women to give birth to their rapists baby. Again, that's in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
  16. So you think it makes a difference as to what the terrorist is saying their motivation is? That it's not such a big deal if the IRA kills a bunch of people in the name of political goals, but it's a crisis that ISIS kills people in the name of religion?
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    We don't live in a rape culture. In the US rapists go to prison. Not all rape accusations are taken seriously because sometimes they really are bullshit. Especially the college ones. Drunken, regrettable sex is not rape. And despite what the pissed off feminists would have you believe, false rape accusations are a real thing. Women know it's an easy way to get revenge on an ex.

    And lol at comparing any of that to countries where women are literal slaves/property.
  18. 2-8% aren't legit. So basically more than 90% of those that are actually investigated are not a figment of someone's imagination. And like I said, the GOP's attitude towards the rights of women is not a figment of anyone's imagination. The GOP currently controls Congress and nearly 50% of the states have both a GOP governor and GOP controlled legislature. There's very real reasons for women to be concerned about their rights in this country. Blowing it off the way you do shows that you either have no clue, or are deliberately ignorant. All you can do is talk about society from thousands of years ago in the Koran or Wahabists. Kind of odd considering that you live in an evangelical Christian dominated state like Florida.
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    lol, your own article says it's more like 8%. And that there are more false accusations made about rape than any other crime.

    Your own article also says that the studies are shoddy.

    So yeah, when it's the crime with the highest amount of bullshit accusations, of course the police aren't going to take every case seriously.

    And lol at what you said about Florida. North and Central Florida are like that. South Florida, which has the most populated counties, is basically an extension of New York City in Broward and Palm Beach, and an extension of Cuba in Miami Dade.