Remembering Sony\'s Troubled Handheld

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  1. There is a good read up on 1up about the original PSP. I will post a short summary for each section from the article which you can also discuss on as well as if the PSP2 will sort those problems out for the PSP2.


    - It Offered Console Power in a Handheld Form
    - PSP Games Were Amazing (in the Right Hands)
    - It Featured Revolutionary Console Integration
    - It Elevated the Social Phenomenon of Portable Games
    - It's Last Bastion of Classic Japanese Game Development


    - Proved That for Portables, Power Isn't Everything
    - It had Wretched Battery Life
    - The UMD Format was Terrible
    - Those Endless Firmware Updates
    - Crummy Physical and U.I. Design
    - The PSPgo
    - It Totally Tanked Outside Japan
  2. The wierd thing is I find both PSP and DS uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. The PSP has an awkwardy placed analogue nub and the DS's edges near the should buttons really dig into my hands.

    I liked the UI of the PSP, it was clean, simple and straightforward. Everything was where you thought it should be. The XMB is probably one of the best user interfaces I've experienced, and it makes even more sense with it being standard across their TVs and games consoles.

    I'm not sure about the NGP menu system. The screen with the bubbles on looks worrying.
  3. I am one of the lucky ones who could play for hours on end without being uncomfortable.

    The only ever time that I had ache or cramp from playing the PSP was when I used to play hours on end of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite as I controlled the game the pro way by using my thumb on the analogue to move as well as having my index finger on the D-pad constantly for moving the camera. I only got that after a hour or so playing and after a rest my finger would be fine again.