Resident Evil 2 Remake

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  1. New story trailer at TGS 2018. The hype is through the roof for this game. Could be the best Resident Evil ever made.

    Coming to PS4, Xbox one and PC.
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  2. This is like the Godfather 2 of video games, and I totally get why because it's superior in every way. But you can only really have the "wow factor" of something new once and that was Resident Evil. So to me the first will always be just a tiny bit better.

    RE2 is still up there though as the next best game in the series. Stakes were higher and the graphics were the best of its time. If I remember right this takes place simultaneously with Nemesis but in different parts of Racoon City, right?

    Did you unlock Hank and Tofu? I remember Steve had something about Hank on the original PVC. Always wondered if it was a RE2 reference. Seemed like an in joke but I never knew who was in on it lol.
  3. I've actually never played any Resident Evil games other than #4 on the Gamecube, which was a damn good game. Definitely one of the best games from the PS2/XB/GC generation.

    That one was probably more accessible to non-fans because it had standard third person shooter controls, and it was a side story where you didn't need to know anything about the other games.
  4. New gameplay video. Lickers look absolutely terrifying now and they can climb walls and celings. Graphics look impressive as well. Two months until release I really cannot wait.

    True, but this game has lots of re-imagined cutscenes, areas and stuff so it will be totally fresh to us who know RE2 off by heart. Story will be the same but different in places as well.

    Yes, RE3 starts before, during and after RE2. RE3 could be remade next if this sells well, and they already have the assets in place for it.

    It's Hunk and Tofu haha. Hank was the PVC A.I or something if I remember.

    This game will be right up your street then as its the same over the shoulder camera and gameplay mixed in with the RE7 engine. RE7 might as well as its 1st person and has a texas chainsaw massacre type feel it it and the areas.
  5. This is out next Friday. Pre-Ordered it yesterday I cannot wait. There is a 30 min one shot demo if anyone is interested. It was so good albeit short. Anyone else getting it?
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  6. Let me know how it goes. I'll pick it up... but not at full price:)
  7. Its worth the full price :p Especially if we want Resident Evil 3 Remake. You should try the demo at least. PS4/Xbox or PC versions.
  8. Game arrived this morning a day early so happy days. Cannot play it until later though.

    Launch trailer:

  9. I played through the PC demo. It was quite good. I'm in the middle of moving, so I didn't get so see it on my OLED, just my monitor. I'm very interested in seeing how it looks with HDR after seeing the lighting. I wish I could play the demo more than once.
  10. Game is GOAT level already. Currently in the Sewers on Leon A. It's stayed faithful but also does its own thing. Such a brilliant game. Should be more than enough for a R3make now then with how well it has sold and has been acclaimed.