Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica HD Coming to PSN and Xbox Live

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. More Resident Evil related news this week.

    Great news as I love resident Evil 4 and I have yet to still complete Code Veronica, even though I re-started the PS2 version before Christmas.
  2. Be good if they implement the Wii control scheme with Move. That'd definitely tempt me to get these.
  3. I may get 4 as it was my fave but I'll definitely get veronica as I only played it for a couple of hours back in the day on DC so this will be a good opportunity for me to get and finish it.
  4. So an update on both of these games:

    Resident Evil 4 will be released on the 20th next week on PSN and on XBL the day after. Code Veronica will be out the week after.

    If RE4 is cheap I will get it next week but if not I will wait for it to go down.
  5. RE4 is coming on the xbox finally?? speaking as an xbox shill and a DC maven this is great news!!

    Code Veronica was SUPER easy... or maybe I just used a god code or something... yeah I just think there was a god code on dreamcast...
  6. Yep, both coming out on Xbox Live and PSN.
  7. As long as they are under £10 I will buy them.
  8. Indeed, especially as the Japanese have both together in a boxset for cheap. I will buy Resi4 though but supposedly there will be tropys but no platinum for resi4.
  9. It is usual for download games that are cheap from the start to not have platinums.
  10. Apparently there's a rumour this is going to be half price for PS+ subscribers.