Resident Evil 6

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  1. About time really they announced this, really enjoyed RE5, thought it was a fantastic game.

    Leon and Chris are back and although its a video preview it looks like there may be a few playable characters.

    All in all it looks pretty interesting.
  2. 5 bored me but I only did the first village. Really missed the Wii controls of RE4 mainly; felt like a step back. Maybe I'll give it another go, someday.
  3. You can use Move to play 5 now can't you? Why don't you give that a try?
  4. I miss the survival aspect of the older games, where there's a blend of exploration, puzzles, and action, rather than a primary focus on frenetic shooting. The trailer certainly looks sharp though in terms of the creative.
  5. I think that is forever gone, since RE4 did so well Capcom now see that as the model to base all new RE games on.
  6. Damn you! You beat me to posting this topic. I only found this trailer because O2 sent me an advert for the trailer via text message. Leon and Chris are the two baddest asses (excluding Wesker) in the series so I'm glad to see them together in this game. The gameplay looks much more fluid and dynamic compared to 5 which was already feeling clunky and cumbersome.

    Looks good.
  7. It definitely looks more like your sort of zombie punching game now.

    Gears of War: Zombies.

    What happened to survival horror?
  8. You still have to survive, it's just that they've forgone the suspense of running around empty corridor after empty corridor in favour of balls out action. I'm not bashing the original games, they were great, last century.

    Also Gears of War: Zombies would be awesome and you know it.
  9. Survival's not the problem. It's the horror that's non existent.

    And this is pretty much gears of war: zombies.
  10. I don't know, I found walking around some of the corders in the later parts of RE5 quite a nervy experience.

    I suppose there was only so many times they could do the dark mansion with 100 rooms and 20 keys formula before it got stale. REmake and RE0 are probably the best examples of the classic survival horror game but I am not sure their fixed camera angles are too relevant in this modern age.

    Thinking about it Monsly must have hated RE 0-3, all that backtracking you had to do.
  11. Move's a clunky pain in the ass to set up and it doesn't work in my game room. Shame, as it was something I did consider at one stage.
  12. There was no scary parts in RE5. RE4 was more eerie. That lab section near the end with those regenerators were quite scary.

    The trailer looks good. Glad Leon is playable again. Him and Chris teaming up has been wanted for ages. Was that Zombies I saw? I hope so.
  13. I didn't say scary, I said nervy. The bits where you are wandering around hallways not knowing if a licker is about to jump through a window makes you cautious. There are no scary bits in RE4 either, its been far more a survival action game since the move away from fixed cameras that is for sure.
  14. It's true that any approach can get stale, but I do think they could bring more of the feel of the earlier RE's into these games without being too slavish about it.
  15. RE5 just never made me feel nervy though. It felt more like a action shooter than a horror. That said, I did still enjoy it, but RE4 hit the nail on the head for nervy and a shooter. Although RE4 was not really super nervy or scary anyway.
  16. Also, click this link as some guy has broken down the trailer to give some information on all three main characters and what goes with each of the three different stories.
  17. It's hard to get that feel of the original RE games unless you make the controls all horrible.. moving a character like a tank.. at fixed camera angles?!??!

    What they could do is slow the pace down a bit. Make less zombies that a harder to kill. Hell.. make it like a silent hill type of game where a gun would be only used in emergency situations. Otherwise, stun the enemy with a melee and run for your life. Skill required - zombie dodging.
  18. Silent hill has also turned into an action shooter now that it's in the hands of the Americans.
  19. say it isnt sooooooooooo... how about alan wake? is that more action than horror?
  20. I'm not suggesting that Capcom should return to fixed camera angles or retro control schemes, nor should they rehash the same puzzles/settings. I agree that mixing up the pacing is good, and that the apprehension of facing zombies etc. is greater when they're not around every corner and your health/ammo aren't so easy to maximize. I also think that exploration and puzzle elements could be done in a way that's relevant to current gaming tastes: not as frequent, not as much backtracking, use new ideas rather than rehash the keys/statue moving etc..