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  1. Anyone got any interesting resolutions for 2012?

    I'm aiming to get into competition form by the end of the year to compete in a bodybuilding competition. I've just been planning my diet and training for the next 4 months and I've oredered a pile of supplements too. I already train five days a week but I'm resolved to make them super intense sessions. It's all part of my overall resolution to not be afraid of failing - i fucking suck at making decisions and i'm constantly worried that I'll look silly at anything I've been attempting. So...I thought what better way to build up confidence and get over my fear of failure than by getting ripped...
  2. I think I should probably make some but I've found myself in a bit of a general malaise for a good few months now. Tsk.
  3. I am already perfect, no need for any.

    In other news my brother is very much into the whole building muscle thing but he doesn't do it for any comps or anything. Just eats a mainly protein diet, takes supplements and spends a lot of time in the gym. I think he just does it because he likes have big arms.
  4. I have always wanted to get ripped, but I give up too easy. I never seem to have enough will power for any thing. When I was 18 and 19 I was actually going to the gym 3 times a week and I was starting to get there, then I became a party animal so that went down the drain.

    My resolution is to get my own place without sharing and maybe lose a bit of weight if I can be arsed.(See, no will :p)
  5. You need to visualise something you want badly and make it your goal and realise that the only way you can get what you want is by getting your arse out of bed and hitting the weights. For me, the gym isn't just something I do to keep fit, it keeps me sane because when I'm in there I don't think about anything other than lifting iron - it's why people get hooked on it. And when you get into the rythm of it properly then you don't need any motivation. If you want to do it, don't go to some girly gym, get to a proper spit and sawdust place; it might seem intimidating but the guys ni them are nearly always happy to help someone starting up training; I made some great friends when I was 16 - one guy, Wally, was an American Engineer who lived over here because he basically ran two Nuclear power stations..he was a great inspiration

    My initial motivation to get going was what every 16 year old thinks about; getting laid. But i wanted to nail a particular girl at college and although I never got to screw her I DID get to have lots of sex with other girls; women who like the big guys are, in my experience, dirty in bed..and that is all the motivation I should need to give you.
  6. The hardest part of building muscle is eating right. good god, those cravings... THOSE CRAVINGS.
  7. Again, if he trains with the right people they'll show him tricks and things he can substitute with. My favourite: fauxtatoes...

    I think once you get the first 8 weeks of the diet out of the way, it's no longer an effort to maintain - it's just routine. I usually find that my taste buds totally change after a while..I remember a few years back I craved a bacon sandwich and when I finally got to have one it just didn't taste right.

    Eating clean is easy, the real effort comes from measuring everything you eat.
  8. there you have it folks. ichi isn't human.
  9. I used to lift weights and be in good shape, but I like eating too much and hated going to the gym, so fuck it.
  10. Maybe I'm not...In a month or two when I've cut down again I'll consider posting a pic :D

    I'm totally into this training again, I fucking love it. I just shaved my head down to a No.2 and I love getting up at 6 to get the gym for 6.30 - sets me up for the day!!

    Y'know, provided you worked out enough and didnt go too OTT with eating shit you could pretty much eat what you wanted. I tell everyone who is on a diet to lose weight they need one day a week of junk to set their hormone levels right..going on a strict diet is what usually makes people crack, but it's all about willpower.
  11. I plan to loose 15 pounds.
  12. loose pounds.. must be really overweight.
  13. Stop it.
  14. I think you get used to eating clean. I have a easier time with no break days, which is why I didnt gain any weight this holiday season. If I take a breakday it always becomes 3-5 days, to get back on track.
  15. You should be careful with that. 30 minutes in between getting out of bed and lifting weights can increase the possibility of spinal injury. Your spine is at it's most uncompressed when you get up in the AM, and an uncompressed spine is more susceptible to damage with weight stress. It's actually better to be up for a few hours and walking around to compress your spine.