RoboCop Reboot

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  1. Jesus Christ. Is nothing sacred anymore? RoboCop is indeed the latest classic to be rehashed for a new generation. I recently watched the original RoboCop movie for the first time in years and I'd fogotten how good it was. The second one was very... meh, and the third one was pure shite. Joel Kinneman has been confirmed to take the lead role and I've never heard of him. He was in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Killing among other things I've not seen.



    I hope he keeps the helmet on.

    I don't see how they can top the epic opening scene of the first film where Peter Weller gets well and truly shot to pieces and I also can't see this one being an 18. I reckon they'll tone the violence down to allow more people to pay to see the film which is always a bum move in my opinion.

    Do I think it will be as good as the original? Don't be ridiculous of course I don't.
    Will I go and see it in the cinema? Don't be ridiculous of course I will, if only out of morbid curiosity.

    They plan to begin filming next month and are aiming for an August 2013 release. Directed by Jose Padilha... me neither.
  2. Never considered Robocop to be better than average during its time. The best it can do now is "so bad its good". I could see a remake bringing it back near average.
  3. What? WHAT? I should punch you in the neck for such wrongness.
  4. The original was good mostly because of Paul Verhoeven, who also directed Total Recall. He's really good at doing over the top movies.
  5. Wow I can't tell if you guys are serious. Watch it again or better yet don't because your childhood memories are much better than the reality.
  6. Maybe you just don't understand Paul Verhoeven movies. They're meant to be cheesy and over the top.

    I know a lot of people who hated Starship Troopers because they didn't understand that it's all a big spoof on wartime propaganda.
  7. Hmm you may be right. I didn't like Starship troopers.
  8. What? WHAT? Etc...

    I always watch Starship Troopers when it's on. It's got a timeless quality, like Commando.
  9. I just watched ID4 today and even came in to work late to watch until the end. Now that was truly good mindless entertainment.
  10. Paul Verhoevens movies are mindless entertainment on one level but they shouldn't really be pigeon holed into that sort of category. They really do have a lot more to offer than what's on the surface.

    I'm doubt this movie will be in the same vein as the original, so it will most likely be about looking super awesome and probably be in 3D. Maybe the title will even be Robocop 3D. :-\
  11. Agreed. Robocop was meant to be a satire of corporations operating without oversight, and the craziness that causes. In this case, we see what happens when the police get privatized. They replace the police force with a cyborg, because it's cheaper and the cyborg is programmed not to go after the white collar criminals who are really running things.

    This was also a theme in Total Recall. In that you have a whole planet controlled by a greedy, corrupt corporation.

    His movies are over the top fun, but they're also much smarter than you might think.
  12. You have a major dudebro mancrush on this director. Maybe one day he will do a movie with a shirtless ryan reynolds just for you.
  13. This may not come as a surprise but I loved starship troopers. I saw it in the cinema twice back when I was 14. I used to really enjoy over the top gory films, I still do but not so much these days. I hope this film might be better than the RoboCop sequels and I'd bet my bottom dollar that it will have more of a gritty feel than the slightly campy original.