Rogue One

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  1. Those AT-AT Walkers look like they're from a video game.

  2. shut your whore mouth. i'm actually authentically excited about this. i was sort of excited about the force awakens but was still meh about it. didn't even bother watching it in theaters.

    the reason i'm excited about this one is that it has potential to be a star wars movie that doesn't feel like the star wars movie. there's no jedi bullshit in this one. just straight up rebel vs empire warfare. we get to shadow and storm troopers so they'll get to stand out more unlike becoming red shirt dudes in star trek.
  3. Oh I agree. I've been looking forward to non-Jedi movies for a while. I've read some of the Han Solo novels and the stories of bounty hunters, Hutts, and even ship captains in the empire can be quite good.

    But that CGI still looks like it's from Battlefront.
  4. That's because they're right off the showroom floor and have that new car smell.
  5. The timeline for this is parallel to 4-6, right?

    I personally prefer this kind of fork in the mythos over straight sequels and prequels.
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    This actually looks like it could be a much better movie than Ep 7 or the prequels. I like the darker tone, and that it's a side story rather than another movie about the Jedi.
  7. DV is back... but I'll never look at him as anything but a whiny emo Christian Haydensen looking bitch. Sometimes being a mysterious super-villain is much better than getting a back story. Spectre ruined Blofeld the same way too.

  8. If you're not worried about seeing too much here is another trailer.

  9. This movie was awesome. Felicity Jones is the hottest thing to happen to Star Wars. Can't wait for the sequel!
  10. Does she play Chewbacca?
  11. How... ? They are all..
    dead, what a waste of a fine cutie
  12. Felicity looks like she is going to hyperventilate.