Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. iPhone 4S

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  1. The US Androids come with a search button, that if you hold down brings up voice commands. At the risk of already sounding like a Apple lunatic, Siri is way more sophisticated than what voice commands currently does. BUT, it is crippled by (privacy policy? from what I read) not allowing it to interact with other apps. It won't open the Reminder app and make a list of reminders, or open Telenav GPS to use for directions, etc...

    I'm guessing Android will have no issues with that type of implementation, when they undoubtedly come out with their version.

    I also prefer the Android task manager, because there was an "End All" button. The iPhone makes me end each app one-by-one. Unless I'm missing something.

    So far though, I haven't missed home screen widgets as much as I though I would. It's the lack of a back button that keeps getting to me.
  2. It works with most of the built-in apps from Apple (Phone, FaceTime, Music, Mail, Messages, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Contacts, Alarms etc.), and it seems likely that there could be more 3rd party support for Siri later on. Siri made a late appearance into the developer builds of iOS, so that also may contribute to whether or not 3rd party apps have Siri support.

    Also, Siri is actually still beta software, even though it was included with the public iOS 5 release.
  3. Does it?


    I have no doubt that Siri is more capable than voice commands in Android currently, but from what I've read it won't interact fully with many of the built-in Apple apps at all. Is this true?
  4. It's weird. There are things Siri is not "allowed" to do. But you can get around it by wording it differently.

    - Cannot outright "open" ANY apps. "I am not allowed to do that" response.
    - Can create a reminder, but not open the reminder app or edit it.
    - Create and show notes, but not "open notes app".
    - Search contacts but not add/edit one. Cannot open contacts app.
    - Can do almost anything with the calender. You can see appointments, edit, add, etc.. But you cannot say "open calender".
    - Will send text from speech, but can only read the newest message. If you already read the text, Siri cannot read it aloud anymore.
    - Search for things (restaurants, stocks, etc.) ;top notch implementation
    - Quick math ;top notch implementation
    - Alarm clock ;most useful implmentation

    The greatest convenience of Siri is setting a morning alarm. I don't get up at the same time everyday, so I'd always manually set a bunch of alarms, now I just say set an alarm for [time].