Saudi prince wants Americans addicted to oil

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  1. I guess he's just stating the obvious.
  2. Isn't this the terrorist that owns Fox News?
  3. Wow, so he's one of the fucking faggots who want to prevent alternative energy sources from being developed. Way to go fucktard, though with a name that seems like Wheelie bin at a glance, it's hardly surprising that he's a pile of human waste.
  4. so angry lol you'd think he's holding us all hostage when, no, he's actually setting us all free... or rather lowering the price on our heads.

    and this way more MONEY can be spent on research (and/ or recovering the economy) than that which is spent on oil barons like him. I doubt if he thought of that one :| oh well I figure, because of the amount the rest of the world relies on the US economy, everybody's better off in the end.
  5. Actually, barely anyone relies on the US economy after bush fucked it up so hardcore. China's the place to go now days. More than that he's not setting us free, he's just deadlocking the development of renewable energy sources and the progression of science on those frontiers, but I guess that doesn't concern you christian.
  6. You are fooling yourself if you think the USA still isn't the dominant economic power. China goes out of its way to make sure we can buy their junk for a reason. Now, 15-20 years from now that may not be true, but it certainly still is today.
  7. True, but china is the place to invest/borrow from now days.
  8. He's not deadlocking development by/ if he does this, he may have NOT deadlocked development if he had continued holding the rest of the world hostage but I don't see how HE SPECIFICALLY is affecting the scientists from choosing NOT to research alternative fuels as hard when the necessity is not there. They may or may not, but that has nothing to do with him.

    It's like telling your kid not to play videogames till he finishes his homework. I always found this unfare. does this mean if I had the option to play videogames I would NOT do my homework? I always thought of this assumption as asinine and blamed my parents for it :).

    Alternatively your ASSUMING that if the necessity is NOT there they won't research as much?? All your doing is going the route that even takes AWAY the option to go what you believe is the wrong way. Is that so wrong? I don't blame you. I no longer blame my parents for keeping me away from videogames like that, cuz I now see why. But in the bigger aspect of things I don't see any reason for you to be angry about this even BEFORE any mistakes are made or even avoided.

    And all the while we get to enjoy lower prices at the pump (and lower electric bills I guess)!

    So what I'm saying is best case scenerio (lower prices/ avoiding mistakes) seems very bright to me! While your, and the current, outlook isn't so dull (higher prices/ no mistakes) it's still rather grey. Sure it may be better than worse case (lower prices/ less or NO research leading to a greedy scenario like we have in the medical field nowadays) but you have no absolute reason (or real authority really) to make the call of whether these ppl will opt to continue research or not. Your simply pushing your will down and acting like a dicktater IMO. An Ass that makes Assumptions. Quite being an Ass... and if you don't like the current medical outlook (for us Americans...) move to Canada.
  9. Yes. Show me one kid who would choose homework over video games.
  10. oh well be angry than :)